Abo and The Giant

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Folklore from North Sulawesi

ABO Mamongkuroit and his wife, Monondeaga, lived in a jungle. Even though they were poor, they lived very happily. They loved each other. One day Abo had to go the village. He asked his wife's permission.

"Don't go too long. Please come back soon," said Monondeaga.

Abo then left their house. Actually, he did not want to leave his wife alone, he had heard the Tulap was hungry. Tulap was a giant. He ate humans!

Not long after Abo left, Monondeaga heard heavy footsteps. She then remembered Abo's message. She had to hide under the bed. But it was too late. Suddenly, Tulap was breaking the front door.

"Ha ha ha... Come here. I want to take you to my place," said Tulap.

Monondeaga was so scared. However, she finally had an idea.

"Don't take me now. I haven't taken a bath yet. Come back tomorrow."

On the following day, Tulap was impatient.

"I don't want to hear your excuses again!"

He then grabbed Monondeaga and took her to his place.

Later, Abo went home. He called out his wife's name. But he could not find her. He then had a bad feeling. He was afraid that Tulap had taken her. He immediately rushed to Tulap place.

After several days, he finally arrived at Tulap's place. It was a big cave.

"Tulap! Get out! Bring back my wife!" screamed Abo.

Tulap then got out of his cave. He was so happy because there was a human came to his cave. He did not have to hunt him.

Abo was ready with his weapons and he immediately attacked him. Tulap was not ready with the attack. He thought Abo did not have any guts to fight him.

Abo did very hard to kill Tulap. Finally, he succeeded. Tulap was dead! Abo hurried entering Tulap's cave. He saw many people were inside the big cage. One of them was his beloved wife, Monondeaga.

Abo immediately opened the cage. Everybody inside the cage was so happy. They thanked Abo for his great courage. Abo and Monondeaga then went home. Now people could live peacefully. The giant was dead. ***

North Sulawesi, Gunung Ambang Nature Reserve


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