The Naughty Monkey

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A Folktale from Southeast Sulawesi

A hen and her children are eating. While they are enjoying the food, a monkey comes. The monkey is the hen's friend.

"Hmm yummy. May I have some?" asks the monkey. He is very hungry.

The hen feels sorry for the monkey. So, she gives some of her food to the monkey.

The monkey immediately eats the food. He is thinking himself.

"Wow, this food is delicious. Too bad I only can get some!"

The monkey then is planning to steal the entire hen's food. He has an idea.

"Hey, look at the sky. An eagle is coming. He wants to take your children," screams the monkey.

The hen is shocked! She immediately protects her children. While the hen is protecting her children, the monkey steals her food. After that the monkey runs away.

The hen realizes that the monkey just tricked her. He goes to her another friend, the crab. The hen tells all the problems to the crab.

"Don't worry, my friend. I have an idea to give him a lesson." says the crab.

On the following day, the hen meets the monkey. She says, "Let's go to the island over there. There is so much food in that island."

"But I cannot swim," says the monkey.

"Don't worry. I have a boat. You and I can use it to cross the sea," says the hen.

Later, they are in the boat. The monkey does not know that the crab is hiding and making a hole in the boat. Slowly the boat is full of water and drowning. The crab swims and the hen flies. Soon they arrive in the land. They see the monkey is very scared.

He screams, "Help! Help! I can't swim!"

The hen shout, "I will help you, but promise you will never do bad things again."

"OK. I promise. I'll never do bad things again," says the monkey.

After that the hen and the crab help the monkey. ***

Crab on the beach


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