The Legend of Mount Arjuna

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Folklore from East Java

THE Pandawas were five brothers who had supernatural power. They were Yudistira, Bima, Arjuna, and the twins Nakula and Sadewa.

Compared to his brothers, Arjuna had the most supernatural power. He got his power by meditating. He could ask the gods to give him supernatural power.

Arjuna wanted to have more power. He planned to meditate on the top of a mountain. He climbed one big mountain and started meditating on the top of the mountain.

Arjuna concentrated very hard. He was lot disturbed by anything around him. Amazingly while he was meditating, the mountain was slowly getting bigger and higher.

The mountain was so high that it finally touched the heaven. It was the home of the gods. The hit made the heaven shaking. The gods and the goddesses were restless. They talked to Batara Guru, the god of all gods.

"We have to stop Arjuna. If he continues to meditate, the mountain is going to be bigger and higher. It will destroy the heaven!" said one god.

Batara guru understood. He asked Batara Narada to meet Arjuna.

"Tell him to stop meditating. It's dangerous for the heaven," asked Batara Guru.

Batara Narada left the heaven and flew to the mountain. In just a moment, he already saw Arjuna.

He said, "Please stop meditating. The mountain will destroy the heaven."

However Arjuna did not respond. He already made up his mind, he would not stop meditating until the gods gave him more supernatural power.

Batara Narada gave up. He could not make Arjuna stop meditating. He flew back to the heaven.

Batara Guru then asked beautiful angels. they flew to the mountain and tried to stop Ariuna. one angel was laughing, one was tickling him, and other angels were trying to make lots of noise. Again, the angels failed to stop him.

Later, Batara Guru sent some genies. They flew to the mountain. They were trying to scare Arjuna. Still, they failed!

Finally, Batara Guru asked Batara Semar to stqp Arjuna from meditating. Though Semar was a god, but he lived on earth. His job was to take care of the Pandawas.

Batara Semar then asked Batara Togog to help him. Later they meditated. Their bodies became very big. They cut the mountain where Arjuna was meditating into two big parts. They then threw one part to another area.

The sound of the mountain hitting the ground was very heavy. Ariuna woke up from his meditating. The heavy sound disturbed his concentration.

When Arjuna opened his eyes, Batara Semar and Batara Togog immediately came to Arjuna.

"Please stop your meditation," said Batara Togog.

"But I want to have more power," said Arjuna.

"You already have lots of power. What else do you want? If you continue your meditation, the mountain will destroy the heaven!" said Batara Semar.

Arjuna then realized how dangerous it was. He also realized that he should be grateful with the power he had and not to ask for more power. Later, Arjuna left the mountain and went home.

Since then, people named the mountain as Mount Arjuna while the other part of the mountain that Batara Semar and Batara Togog threw was named Mount Wukir. ***

Did you know?

Arjuno-Welirang is a stratovolcano in the province of East Java on Java, Indonesia. It is a twin volcano, with the 'twins' being Arjuno and Welirang. There is at least one other stratovolcano in the area, and there are around 10 pyroclastic cones nearby. They are located in a 6 km line between Arjuno and Welirang. The Arjuno-Welirang volcanic complex itself lies in the older two volcanoes, Mount Ringgit to the east and Mount Linting to the south. The summit lacks vegetation. Fumarolic areas with sulfur deposits are found in several locations on Welirang.

The name Arjuno is Javanese rendition of Arjuna, a hero in Mahabharata epic, while Welirang is Javanese word for sulfur.

A 1950 eruption had a VEI=2. There was an explosive eruption. Another eruption occurred two years later in 1952. This eruption had a VEI=0.

A 300 hectares at slope of Mount Arjuno near the road of Surabaya-Malang is used by Taman Safari II.



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