The Rice Strait

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Folklore from Riau

A LONG time ago, in Subi Island, Riau, there lived a rich merchant. His name was Datuk Kaya. He was the richest man in the island. He was so powerful.

The merchant lived in a big house with his wife and daughter. His wife's name was Cik Wan and his daughter's name was Nilam Sari.

People in the island, especially the young men, always talked about Nilam Sari. Why? Well, it was because she was very beautiful, Most people thought that she was the most beautiful girl they had ever seen. Lots of young men felt in love with her. She was not only beautiful, but also very polite and kind-hearted. Though her father was the richest man in the island, Nilam Sari was not arrogant. It made more men fell in love with her.

The King of Palembang finally heard the news about Nilam Sari. His son, Prince Demang Aji Jaya, was still single. The king wanted his son to marry Nilam Sari. He asked Prince Demang Aji to go to Subi Island to propose Nilam Sari to be the prince's wife.

The prince went to Subi Island with some soldiers. They went with a big ship. The cruise was well and they all arrived safely in Subi Island.

The prince went to Datuk Kaya's house. He told the merchant that he wanted to marry his daughter. Fortunately, Nilam Sari also fell in love with the prince. Prince Demang Aji Jaya was handsome and well mannered. The merchant was so happy. He planned the wedding on the tenth day next month. The prince agreed. He then went home and promised to come back on the tenth day next month with the king and the queen of Palembang.

Datuk Kaya immediately asked his employees to prepare for the great wedding. He asked them to cook lots of rice. He did not want to disappoint the family of King Palembang.

The day of wedding party finally came. The preparation was completely done. They had cooked lots of rice. The merchant and his family were waiting for Prince Demang Aji Jaya and his family.

The merchant and his family were waiting from morning until evening. However, Prince Demang Aji Jaya and his family did not arrive yet. On the following day, the merchant and his family again were waiting for Prince Demang Aji Jaya and his family. Sadly, the prince and his family did not arrive yet.

The merchant was upset. He thought the Prince broke the promise and did not want to marry his daughter. However, his wife tried to calm him down.

"Just wait tomorrow, maybe they will come. I will ask our employees to cook more rice because the rice we cooked yesterday is now stale," said the wife.

"No, don't cook more rice! If they really come tomorrow, we serve them the stale rice!" said the merchant angrily.

Finally Prince Demang Aji and his family came. They told the merchant that there was a big storm while they were cruising in the sea.

The merchant was so angry and he ignored their explanation. He even asked them to eat the stale rice.

The merchant threw the rice on the ground.

He said, "Here! Eat this rice!"

Suddenly, earth was shaking. Houses were falling down on the ground. Strangely, the land where the rice was'thrown slowly separated. Yes, the island was separated into two parts. Not long after that rain fell down heavily. Water filled the gap of the island. Soon, it became a small strait. People were so surprised! Later, they named the strait the Rice Strait or Selat Nasi. ***

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