The Angel Pond

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Folklore from South Kalimantan

THERE is a tourism area in South Kalimantan named The Angel Pond. The place is often visited by many people. Some of the visitors have unique reasons. They want to have spouses. Some people believe that taking a bath with the water from the pond will lead them to their spouses. There is a legend behind the belief. Do you want to know the story? Read on!

A long time ago in South Kalimantan there was a village. The land was fertile. Trees grew well there. people and animals had enough water to live. They had a great source of water. They got the water from a pond. People used the water not only for their daily activities but also for watering their plants. The villagers were never worried about lacking of water.

Amazingly, the pond always had lots of water although it was in dry season.

The head of the village was Awang Sukma. He always protected his people very well. People from other places often visited the village to get some water. Awang Sukma always treated them very well. Awang Sukma was single. He was looking for a wife.

One night, Awang Sukma was going to the pond. From a distance, he heard some people were taking a bath in the pond. He was curious. He approached the pond carefully. He was so surprised when he saw seven beautiful girls having fun in the pond. They were swimming and laughing.

Who were they? Well, they were angels from the heaven. Awang Sukma was so amazed with their beauty. He slowly walked closer and took one of the girls' clothes.

After they finished, the girls wore their cloths. However, one girl looked so sad. Her name was putri Bungsu. She was looking for her cloth. Other girls helped to find the missing cloth but they could not find it. It was almost morning and the angels had to fly back to the heaven. They had to leave her.

While Putri Bungsu was crying, Awang Sukma approached her.

"Don't be afraid. You can come to my house now."

Putri Bungsu agreed to stay in Awang Sukma's house. Awang Sukma fell in love with her. He proposed her and later they got married. They lived happily. And they were happier when they a got baby girl. They named her Kumalasari.

Awang Sukma hid putri Bungsu's cloth in a small barrel. One day there was an incident. A black cock was standing on the barrel. putri Bungsu tried to wave away the cock. However the cock did not move at all. And when Putri Bungsu came closer, the cock flew away. And that made the lid opened.

Putri Bungsu opened the lid and she found her cloth inside the barrel! She was so happy but also angry and sad. She was happy because she could go back to heaven.

However she was angry at Awang Sukma for hiding her cloth. And she was sad because she had to say good bye to her daughter.

"I don't belong here. My place is in the heaven," said Putri Bungsu to Awang Sukma.

Then Putri Bungsu flew to the heaven leaving Awang Sukma and Kumalasari. Awang Sukma was so sad. He just lost his lovely wife. He cried.

Awang Sukma then told his daughter not to keep black cock as a pet. He believed that black cock brought them bad luck.

It was not only Awang Sukma who was sad losing Putri Bungsu. All the villagers were also sad. And later they named the pond as Telaga Bidadari, it means the Angel pond. Until now people believe that taking a bath using the water from the pond would lead to their spouses. And the local people do not keep black cock. They still keep Awang Sukma's message to his daughter. ***

Lintang Pelaihari Hill, South Kalimantan

Telaga Bidadari

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