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Wuwung Sewe and The Crocodile

Wuwung Sewe dan Buaya >> Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from North Sulawesi

A long time ago in Minahasa, there lived a fisherman. His name was Wuwung Sewe. He lived with his family near a river. Wuwung Sewe was a kind man. He liked to help other people.

Every day Wuwung Sewe went to the river to catch some fish. And after he caught the fish he sold them in the market. He liked his job very much.

It was a beautiful day. Wuwung Sewe was at the side of the river. He was ready to catch the fish. Suddenly he heard someone was asking for help.

"Help... Please, somebody help me...." Wuwung Sewe was looking around but he did not see anyone. He kept on looking but still, he did not see anyone at the river.

Wuwung sewe then walked along the riverside. The voice of asking was getting clearer and louder. Wuwung Sewe was sure that he, was getting closer. And finally, he found the source of the voice asking for a help.

It was not a man asking for a help, but it was a crocodile! And it was a very big crocodile. Wuwung Sewe was very scared. He was so shocked to see a crocodile was able to talk like humans.

"Please, help me, there is a spear in my back. It's so painful...." said the crocodile.

"What happened?" asked Wuwung Sewe after he was calmed down.

"A hunter was trying to kill me. He threw his spear at me. Luckily I was able to save my life. The spear is still in my back. Can you please pull it out?"

Wuwung Sewe was actually very scared. However, he was very sorry to see the condition of the crocodile. He wanted to help the crocodile.

"Are you ready? I will pull it out now. Please hold, it might feel so painful," said Wuwung Sewe.

With a great effort, he pulled the spear out. It was not easy for him, but finally he succeeded.

"Thank you very much. You already helped me. Now what can I do for you?" asked the crocodile.

Wuwung Sewe suddenly remembered his children. He did not allow his children to play at the river side. He was afraid that crocodile would hurt his children. He then had an idea.

"Mr Crocodile, my wish is simple. From now on don't hurt my family," said Wuwung Sewe.

"Don't worry, I will ask my family and my friends not to hurt your family," said the crocodile.

Wuwung Sewe was very,happy. He was glad that he did not have to worry when his children played near the river. He had a friend who would guard his children. And his friend was the crocodile! ***



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