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The Legend of Dumai / The Seventh Princess

Legenda Dumai / Putri Tujuh >> Edisi Indonesia

The Origin of Dumai

Folklore from Riau

ONCE upon a time in Riau there was a kingdom named Seri Bunga Tanjung. The leader of the kingdom was Queen Cik Sima. She had seven beautiful daughters. However, the most beautiful one was the youngest daughter. Her name was Mayang Manurai.

One day, all those seven princesses were swimming on the pond in Sarang Umai. They were really having fun in the pond. They were laughing and splashing the water to each other. They did not know that someone was watching them. He was prince Empang Kuala from the neighboring kingdom. He was passing through the area and accidentally he saw all those seven girls swimming on the pond.

The prince was in love with Mayang Mengurai. He tried to know who she was. She asked the local people about her. And after he knew that Mayang Mangurai was the youngest daughter Queen Cik Sima , he sent his best soldier to the queen. The soldier told the queen that prince Empang Kuala would like to propose Mayang Mangurai to be his wife.

Sadly, the queen rejected the proposal. She would like to see her oldest daughter to get married first. She thought that it was not good if her youngest daughter to got married earlier than her oldest daughter.

Prince Empang Kuala was really angry. He felt that he was being humiliated by the queen. Therefore, he asked all of his soldiers to attack Seri Bunga Tanjung kingdom.

Queen Cik Sima was a brave woman. She asked her soldiers to be ready and also to fight back. The war could not be avoided. The angry prince really wanted to destroy Seri Bunga Tanjung kingdom. He commended his soldiers not to go home before they won the war.

Queen Cik Sima was so worried with the war. Many of her soldiers were dead. She was really concerned with her seven daughters. She asked some soldiers to bring her daughters. She asked soldiers to bring her daughters in a safe place in the jungle. The soldiers built a hut for the seven princesses. The queen also asked the soldiers to provide enough food until the war was over. After the soldiers were sure that the seven daughter were safe, they went back to join the war.

Queen Cik Sima never gave up. Her great spirit to defend her kingdom motivated her soldiers to do their best. Slowly, they were able to make Prince Empang Kuala pulled back his soldiers.

Queen Cik Sima thought that the prince already gave up . But she did not know that the prince was preparing a new strategy. The prince came back with more soldiers. The war continued. It lasted for months. Both sides have lost so many soldiers. And finally Queen Cik Sima was facing Prince Empamg Kuala. They were fighting!

Queen Cik Sima was a great woman She had a great skills and martial arts. The prince could not beat the queen. And finally the queen could kill the prince. Before the prince was dead, he remembered Mayang Mangurai when he first met her in Sarang Umai.

He was dying and he was only able to say, "Umai! Umai!"

People were very grateful that the war was over. And to commemorate the war, people named the area as Dumai. It was from the last word said by Prince Empang Kuala. ***

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