My Mother is a Cat

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Folklore from Jambi

THERE were two sisters. They were very beautiful. Lots of young men fell in love with them and wanted to marry them. However, after they saw the sisters' mother, young men always cancelled their plan to marry the girls. Why? It was because the girls' mother was a cat!

A cat? Yes, the girls' mother indeed was a cat! Nobody know why the cat could have humans as her children.

The girls slowly felt very sad. They wanted to have husbands. They thought they would never get married.

The younger sister said, "Let's find another mother."

The older sister agreed. Then they started their journey to find a new mother.

It was a hot day. The sun was shining brightly.

The older sister said. "Look at the sun. She looks so wonderful. Let's ask her to be our mother."

The sisters called the sun. The sun looked at the two beautiful girls.

"Dear Sun, you look so wonderful. Do you want to be our mother?" said the older sister.

The sun was smiling.

"I'm honored with your request. But I'm not as wonderful as you think. Do you see the cloud over there? If she blocks me, I'm nothing. I cannot shine brightly. why don't you ask the cloud to be Your mother," said the sun.

The sisters talked to the cloud.

"Dear Cloud, you look so beautiful. You are also very powerful. You can block the sun from shining. Do you want to be our mother?" asked the younger sister.

The cloud answered.

"Though I can cover the sun, but l'm hopeless when the wind is blowing
me toward the mountain. Do you see the mountain over there? I if hit her, I will be broken into pieces. Why don't you ask the mountain to be your mother?" said the cloud.

The girls came to the mountain. They said, "Dear Mountain, you are very strong. We're so amazed with your big body. Do you want to be our mother?"

The mountain answered.

"It's true that my body is very big. But there are lots of holes in my body. Do you know why? It's because of the mouse! When she is making holes in my body, I'm hopeless.... I'm afraid my body will be broken into pieces. Why don't you ask the mouse to be your mother," said the mountain.

The two sisters were looking for the mouse. When they found her, the two sisters immediately asked her to be their mother.

"Dear Mouse, though you are small you have great power. You can make holes in the mountain's body. Do you want to be our mother?" asked the older sister.

The mouse looked at the two sisters and said, 'You are right. My body is small and I can make holes in the mountain's body. But there is one thing you have to know. I'm afraid of the cat," said the mouse.

"Why?" asked the younger sister.

"Well.... Cat always chases me and tries to eat me. Cat moves very fast and she can also climb easily. Trust me, the cat is much more better than I am. Why don't you ask the cat to be your mother?" asked the mouse.

The two sisters were silent: They just realized that their mother was already perfect for them. They felt so embarrassed with their bad behavior.

The two sisters immediately went home and then apologized to their mother.

"That's all right my children. I understand how you feel about me. I already forgive you," said the cat.

Since then the sisters and their mother lived happily. The beautiful sisters also did not care for the man who cancelled their plans to marry them. The sisters were waiting for the right men who would accept their mother as a cat. ***

The Legend of Centipede Lake

Edisi Indonesia | Legenda Danau Lipan

Folklore from East Kalimantan

A long time ago, in a kingdom near the sea, lived a beautiful princess named Putri Aji Berdarah Putih. ‘Darah Putih’ means White Blood. Her beauty made a foreign king came to propose her.

The Princess tested the king by asked him for a dinner together. The Princess was shocked when she saw the king ate directly using his mouth without use his hands.

Because of the King behavior, the Princess felt so disgusted and mad. After the dinner, the King boldly proposed her.

The Princess refused his proposal.

“Sir, what a shamed if I married with a man who eat directly with his mouth like a dog!”

The King felt fevy insulted by the Princess’ refusal.  He went back to his ship in anger.

The King didn’t go back to his kingdom, instead he planned with his soldiers to destroy the Kingdom of Putri Aji Berdarah Putih for revenge.

The war between the king with his troops and Putri Aji berdarah Putih began. It turned out that the Princess' Kingdom wasn’t strong enough to defeat the King’s soldiers.

The Princess knew that her Kingdom was in danger, immediately she chewed the betel and said, “My betel residual will become big centipedes to beat them!”

And then, the betel was ejected from her mouth. Instantly, the residual of the betel turned into giant centipedes. They attacked the king’s soldier one by one.

Soon, the King;s army was easily defeated. Meanwhile Putri Ajii Berdarah Putih disappeared magically.

The King;s ship finally sank into the sea. The location where ship sank became shallow and transformed into a vast land. Now it is known as The Centipede Lake. (*)

Reference: Local Children’s book, Bintang Pustaka.

Centipede (


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