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Folklore from North Sumatra

ONCE upon a time, there was a kingdom in North Sumatra. The people lived happily. The land was fertile and the place was safe. The king had a sister. Her name was Siboru Sandebona. She married to a king from a neighboring kingdom.

Siboru Sandebona was pregnant. It was the ninth month of her pregnancy but there was no signs that the baby would be born.

The king asked his advisor. He told the king that the baby would be a great man. When he grew up, he would have a great supernatural power. He could control animals easily!

Finally, the baby boy was born. Siboru Sandebona and her husband named him Sipiso Somalim. Everybody was happy. The baby was cute and very healthy.

Although Sipiso Somalim was a prince, he was not arrogant. He was polite and very kind to others. He was also helpful. He was willing to work in the rice fields. He had an ox that always accompanied him plowing the field. The ox was so tamed to Sipiso Somalim.

With his power, he could control the ox.

Then, Sipiso Somalim grew up. He was in love with a princess from another kingdom. Sipiso Somalim told his parents that he would propose the princess. They agreed and asked a soldier named Sipakpakhumal to accompany the prince.

Nobody knew that Sipakpakhumal was also in love with the princess. She was so beautiful and Sipakpakhumal also wanted to marry her. Sipakpakhumal had been thinking how he could marry the princess.

He finally got an idea when Sipiso Somalim told him that he wanted to take a bath in a lake. It was so hot and they decided to get some rest.

When Sipiso Somalim was swimming, Sipakpakhumal took all Sipiso Somalimls belongings, the clothes and the sword. Sipakpakhumal wore Sipiso Somalim's clothes and kept Sipiso Somalim's swords. When he finished swimming, Sipiso Somilim was surprised to see that Sipakpakhumal was wearing his clothes. He could not find his sword either.

"What's happening here?" asked Sipiso Somalim

"From now on I'm Sipiso Somalim and you are Sipakpakhumal. Do you understand?'

Sipiso Somalim knew that his guard was planning something bad. He just did not know what the plan was. So he just cooperated nicely and acted as a guard.

When they arrived, the fake Sipiso Somalim told the king that he wanted to marry his daughter. The princess was suspicious. She had heard that Sipiso Somalim was handsome and strong.

"Why is he so different from what I heard?" asked the princess softly to his father.

The father also felt that there was something wrong. So he told the fake Sipiso Somalim that they needed time to decide. He let the fake Sipiso Somalim and his 'guard' to stay in the palace.

During their stay in the palace, the fake Sipiso Somalim treated 'Sipakpakhumal' like a servant. He also told 'Sipakpakhumal' to plow the king's rice fields.

One day, the princess saw how 'Sipakpakhumal' was plowing the fields. He did not do anything, he was just sitting and playing flute while the ox was plowing the field.

The princess told the king about'sipakpakhumat'. The king finally realized the problem. He had heard that the real Sipiso Somalim had power to control animals. So he asked the fake Sipiso Somalim to plow the field with an ox, but he was not allowed to be near the ox. The fake Sipiso Somalim could not do it.

The king was angry. He threatened the fake Sipiso Somalim to tell him the truth, otherwise he would be sent to jail. The fake Sipiso Somalim was so scared. He told the king that he was not a prince, his 'guard' was the real Sipiso Somalim.

When the king knew the truth, he held a wedding party. Sipiso Somalim and the princess finally got married. They lived happily ever after. ***

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Folklore from South Sumatra

THE capital city of South Sumatra is Palembang. There is a story how the city got its name. Do you want to know the story? Read on!

Once upon a time in heaven a goddess looked so restless. Her name was Putri Ayu Sundari.

"What's the matter, My Daughter? You don't look so happy?" asked her father.

"Mmrn... nothing, Father," said Putri Ayu Sundari.

"Come on, I know you. There must be something that is bothering you."

"Father, I have heard from my friends that there is a beautiful river on earth. I'd like to visit it. May have your permission?" asked Putri Ayu Sundari.

"I know you love water, My Daughter. You can have my permission to go there. But you have to be accompanied by some ladies-in-waiting. And please be careful," asked the father.

"l will, Father. I will," said Putri Ayu Sundari happily.

Later Putri Ayu Sundari and some ladies-in-waiting flew to earth. It was not difficult for them to find the river. And when they arrived, Putri Ayu Sundari and her ladies-in-waiting built a house for them. They were really happy to stay there.

The name of the river was Musi River. The river was so beautiful. There were many trees growing along the sides of the river. Putri Ayu Sundari often had fun in the river.

When Putri Ayu Sundari arrived and stayed near Musi River, there were no humans staying there. However Putri Ayu Sundari often saw ships cruising in the river. And when the people in the ships saw a house near the river, most of them stopped for a while.

The people also loved the place. And some of them decided to stay and build houses. More and more people came. And finally it became a small village.

Putri Ayu Sundari lived happily with the humans. They did not know that she was a goddess.

One day, a big ship came. Actually the ship was on their journey and did not plan to stop at Musi River. However someone was sick and they needed some medication immediately.

"Who is the leader of this place?" asked someone from the ship.

"We don't have a leader. But there is a lady who is the first person to live here. And we really respect her," explained the villager.

"Bring me to her."

The villager showed Putri Ayu Sundari's house to them.

"Our prince is terribly ill. And we need your permission to stay here and treat him until he gets well," explained a man.

He was a soldier.

"That's alright. You can stay here," said Putri Ayu Sundari.

She really felt sorry for the prince. She did not only let him stay in her house but also healed him. She knew some leaves that could be used for medication.

Slowly the prince got well. He was really thankful to Putri Ayu Sundari. He was really amazed with her knowledge in healing people. Although the prince was totally cured, he did not show any signs that he would leave the place and went home. Why? Well, the prince fell in love with Putri Ayu Sundari.

Fortunately, she also felt same feeling. Putri Ayu Sundari also fell in love with the prince. Later he proposed her to get married. The prince and his soldiers later lived there. And the prince also named the place as Lembang. The name was from the old Malay language which means the low land. And when people wanted to go there, they always said Pa Lembang. Pa means the area or location. And now the place is known as Palembang. ***

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