The Broken-hearted Peacock

Folklore From West Nusa Tenggara

A long time ago, all animals lived peacefully. They were friends one to another. The birds lived happily. They all liked to help each other.

The most beautiful bird was the peahen. She lived in Java Island. All birds were amazed by her beauty.

The peahen did not have a mate yet. She was waiting for a handsome bird to marry her. And one day, an eagle came to her.

The eagle told her about a handsome bird living in Sumbawa Island. His name was Santoana. The eagle said that Santoana was perfect to be her husband. The peahen ignored the news. She thought Sumbawa was very far from Java. And it was very difficult for her to meet Santoana.

However, later she had the same news from the pigeon. She told peahen about Santoana who was very handsome. The pigeon also said that Santoana was the perfect husband for the peahen.

Again, the peahen ignored the news. She was still thinking about the distance she had to fly if she wanted to meet Santoana.

But she then changed her mind when she heard the parrot told her the same news. All of her friends told her about this handsome bird. And finally the peahen decided to fly to Sumbawa to meet Santoana.

The peahen flew happily. When she was tired, she stopped flying. She asked other birds where Sumbawa Island was.

"Mr Cockatoo, where is Sumbawa Island?"

"You just go straight ahead. You can find Sumbawa Island," said the cockatoo.

The peahen was happy. She continued to fly. And when she was not sure with the direction, she always asked other birds.

The answer was always the same. She just had to fly straight ahead. And finally she arrived at Sumbawa Island. Her heart beat so fast.

She landed on a beach. There was a bird there. The peahen approached the bird. The people of Sumbawa called the bird as Bongarasang.

"Excuse me, Sir. Do you know where I can meet Santoana?" asked the peahen.

Bongarasang was amazed by her beauty. He instantly fell in love with her. He had a bad plan.

"Well, I am Santoana. Why are you looking for me?" asked Bongarasang.

The peahen was so disappointed. Santoana was not as handsome as she imagined. But because she already made up her mind to marry Santoana, she decided to stay in Sumbawa Island.

Later, the peahen and Bongarasang got married. The peahen did not know that Bongarasang lied to her. Later the couple had a peachick. They were very happy. They held a party and invited all the birds
in the island. The party was almost started.

Suddenly the owl said, "Don't start the party now Santoana is not here yet. He will be here soon."
Later Santoana came to the party. He was very handsome. The feather was very beautiful. And he also had great voice.

The peahen was very sulprised! She asked Bongarasang and he finally told the truth. The peahen was very sad. She decided to go back to Java. His peachick was very ashamed. He was always hiding and avoiding other birds. The people of Sumbawa then named the peahen’s chick as Bertong.

Meanwhile, Santoana really regretted that he did not have a chance to meet the peahen earlier. He was very sad and he never flew again. Since then, he had become a wild chicken or a jungle chicken.

He was a chicken who had beautiful feather and a great voice. The peahen never came back to Sumbawa, that's why people said that until now we cannot see peafowls live in Sumbawa Island.***


Did you Know?

Peafowl are two Asiatic and one African species of flying bird in the genus Pavo of the pheasant family, Phasianidae, best known for the male's extravagant eye-spotted tail covert feathers, which it displays as part of courtship. The male is called a peacock, the female a peahen, and the offspring peachicks.

The adult female peafowl is grey and/or brown. Peachicks can be between yellow and a tawny colour with darker brown patches or light tan and ivory, also referred to as "dirty white"

The Green Peafowl, Pavo muticus (from Latin Pavo, peafowl; muticus, Mute, docked or curtailed) is a large galliform bird that is found in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia. It is also known as the Java Peafowl, but this term is properly used to describe the nominate subspecies endemic to the island of Java. It is the closest relative of the Indian Peafowl or Blue Peafowl (Pavo cristatus), which is mostly found on the Indian subcontinent. (


Folklore from West Nusa Tenggara

ONCE upon a time, there were twin kingdoms. They were called twins because the kings of the kingdoms were hrothers. They were King Daha and King Keling. Both Kings did not have any children yet. They had promised to god that they would do something if they had a child.

"I will give you betel lea{res," said King KeIing.

"That's it? You only give God betel leaves?" mocked King Daha.

"God, I will give you a cow with golden horns," said King Daha arrogantly.

Later, their wives were pregnant. And almost at the same time, the queen delivered their babies. King Keling had a handsome baby boy while King Daha had a beautiful baby girl.

And they did their promises to God. King KeIing gave God a buffalo with golden horns. It was more than he promised to God. However, King Daha only gave a normal buffalo and it did not have golden horns. King Daha gave less than he already promised to God.

People had warned King Daha. They were afraid that God would be angry. And unfortunately, it happened! God sent heavy wind to King Daha's palace. The wind blew &e baby girl away. King Daha was so-sad but it was too late.

Meanwhile, the baby girl landed in a front yard of a farmer's house. He was so happywhen he saw a beautiful baby girl was sleeping on the front yard. He and his wife did not have any children. Then they named the giil as Cilinaya.

Cilinaya grew as a beautifirl girl. She was kind and helpful. And one day while she was sweeping
the floor, a handsome man passed by. The man's name was Prince Panji. He was the son of King Keling!

Prince Panji fell in love with Cilinaya. He proposed her to be his wife. Cilinaya also loved him and accepted his marriage proposal. Later they got married and Prince Panji wanted to introduce her to his father.

King Keling was so upset when he knew his son got married to an ordinary people. He had hoped that Prince Panji would marry a girl from noble family. King Ke1ing asked his soldiers to kill Cilinaya. Well, she was pregnant and King Keling was waiting until the baby was born.

Later the baby was born. And when Prince Panji left the palace for hunting, the soldiers killed Cilinaya.

King Keling told Prince Panji that his wife was murdered by a criminal. Prince Panji was so sad and suddenly he heard a whisper. The voice said that he should put his wife's body in a coffin and put it in the river. The voice also said that he would meet his wife again.

Later tle water in the river drifted the coffin. It stopped at King Daha's kingdom. With his power, King Daha cured Cilinaya. And she was back to life! King Daha and his wife did not know that Cilinaya was their daughter. They loved her and asked her to stay in the palace.

Years later, King Daha held a party. He also challenged people for cockfight. Nobody could beat King Daha's cock. And a little boy came. His name was Prince Megatsih. He was the son of Prince Panji and Cilinaya!

Prince Megatsih's cock beat King Daha's cock. And strangely the cock sang a song, "Prince Megatsih's father is Prinje Panji and his mother is Cilinaya," sang the cock.

People were surprised. And it was clear when Prince Panji came. He was so happy to see his wife was in a good condition. Cilinaya was also happy to meet her husband antl her son again. Then she told King Daha about his father. Cilinaya said that the farmer was not her real father. She was told that wind blew her when she was a baby.

King Daha was so surprised to hear that. He was so sure that Cilinaya was his daughter. And King Keling also regretted his bad behavior. He apologized for asking the soldiers to kill Cilinaya. Cilinaya forgave them all. Since then she lived happily with her husband and her son. ***

The Sacred Cow River

Folklore from East Kalimantan

A long time ago, there was a big kingdom in East Kalimantan. It was Kutai Kertanagera Kingdom. The king was King Aii Maharaja and he was the third king.

King Aji Maharaja had a big palace however he was still not satisfied. He thought his palace was not beautiful yet. He asked his Advisor what to do to make his palace look beautiful.

"Your Majesty I heard there are great sculptors in Java. Why don't you ask the king in Java to send their best sculptors to decorate your palace to look beautiful?"

The king thought it was a good idea. He sent his soldiers to meet the king in |ava. The king in Java agreed, he asked his best sculptors to go to Kutai Kertanagera Kingdom.

The king in Java sent two sculptors. They were brothers. They were the best sculptors in fava. People said that they had supernatural power.

The two sculptors came to KingAji Maharaja.

They asked, "Your Majesry what kind of sculptures do you want?"

"I want the most beautifrrl sculptures in the world," replied the king.

The sculptors understood. They immediately worked. In just a month, the palace had changed completely. It had beautiful sculptures.

the king was satisfied. As a return, the king asked the two sculptures to stay in the palace. And he also gave them lots of gold,

Unfortunately that made the advisor jealous. He planned to make the sculptors leave the palace.

The advisor told the king that the two sculptors did something bad to the ladies-in-waiting. Sadly, the king believed him. He was angry! He asked the sculptors to leave the palace.

However the Advisor was not satisfled. He wanted them to die. So he said, "Your Majesty, if they leave the palace, they will work for other kings. And they will make more beautifirl sculptures in other palaces. So, why don't you hang them to die?"

'Tou are rightl Guards, hangthem to die now!" ordered the king.

The sculptors were brought to the open field. There were two poles with ropes. People were watching. They were sad, because they loved them. And they knew how bad the Advisor was but there was nothing they could do.

And right before they were hung, one of the scultor was able to escape. However one of them did not succeed. He died.

Before the sculptor died he cursed the king and the kingdom. He said, "Ten will be destroyed and eleven will be a jungle."

What did the sculptor mean? Well, apparently he cursed that the kingdom would be destroyed at the tenth king and it would be completely gone and became a jungle at the eleventh king.

And it was happened. The tenth king of Kutai Kertanagera Kingdom was not able to make his kingdom exist after they lost the war with other kingdom and Kutai Kertanagera was completely gone and became a jungle during the eleventh king.

In the mean time after the sculptor died, King Aji Maharaja ordered the soldiers to throw the dead body to the Cow River. Amazingly, the dead body did not decay. People were amazed and because they respected him, they buried him near the river. People sacred the tomb and because of that they considered the Cow River as a sacred river. ***

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