Gundala-Gundala Dance

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Folklore from North Sumatra

THERE was a kingdom in Karo, North Sumatra. The king and the queen had a daughter. She was a very beautiful princess. She was kind, polite, and helpful to others. The king and the queen loved her very much.

The princess was in love with a young soldier. And the soldier also loved the princess. He was a great man. He mastered great martial arts. He was also skillful with weapons. And he was a handsome man. He treated the princess very well. He had a dream that he could marry and be her husband.

The king and the queen knew about their daughter's relationship with the soldier. They agreed and blessed the relationship. The soldier, asked a permission to see the king. He wanted to propose the princess.

"Your Majesty, as you know I have a special relationship with your daughter. I love her very much, and I'd like to ask your permission to marry her," said the soldier.

The king was silent. Actually he had been waiting for this moment to come.

He thought $at his daughter was adult enough to get married.

The king then spoke, I will give you my permission. But you have to promise that you will always love her, treat her well, and protect her."

"I will, Your Majesty ... I will," said the soldier happily.

Soon the wedding was held. The king and the queen invited all the people in the kingdom to come and have fun at the party.

The king loved hunting. And one day he asked the soldier, who was his son-in-law to accompany him go hunting.

And while they were hunting, suddenly a big bird came to them. The bird was very big. And they had never seen a big bird like that.

Well, it was not an ordinary bird. The bird was a transformation of a holy man. Because of that he was able to talk with humans.

The king liked the bird. He asked the bird to stay at the palace. The bird agreed. The princess was also happy with the bird. She had a new friend that she could ask to play with her. And the princess was not the only person who loved the bird.

Everybody in the kingdom also loved the bird. And one day the princess was playing with the bird. She was so happy that she accidentally touched the bird's beak.

"Don't touch my beak! I don't like it!" said the bird.

Since then the bird acted strangely. He attacked the princess!

The soldier protected his wife. He attacked back the bird. He used his martial art skill to fight the bird. However, the bird did not give up. He used his claws to fight the soldier. The soldier was cornered.

The king saw the fight and he was really worried.

He then screamed, "Use your sword!"

The soldier grabbed his sword and with one slash he killed the bird. The princess was sad. She lost her friend. The soldier was also sad. He did not intend to kill the bird but he had to protect his wife.

The people in the kingdom were also sad. They were crying. And it seemed that the Mother Nature was also sad. It started to rain heavily.

To remember the bird, people then created a dance. It was called Gundala-Gundala dance. Until now, people perform the dance when they are expecting to have rain during the drought season.***

Gundala-gundala Dance, Toba Lake

A Monkey and a Bird

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Folklore from West Java

IT was a very hot day. A young duck was looking for some water. He did not only want to drink, but also wanted to swim. Rain had not fallen down for months and the duck terribly needed some water.

The duck did not give up. He knew he would find some water soon. He was right! From a distance he saw a small pond! He ran very fast.

Previously, he felt very weak, but when he saw the pond he felt very strong. He felt he had some extra energy to run. When he was standing at the side of the pond, he jumped and swam.

"Yippee!" the young duck screamed happily.

He drank, swam, and sang some songs. His voice made a big monkey woke up from his sleep. The monkey was sleeping on a branch of a tree. The tree was exactly at the side of the pond. The monkey could hear the duck clearly.

The monkey was angry.

"Hey, you! What are you doing here? You are disturbing me!"

"I'm so sorry, Mr Monkey. I did not know I'm disturbing you. Please forgive me."

"Forgive you? No way, you ugly duck! You don't deserve here! I own this place. I don't want to see an ugly duck like you hanging around here. Go away!"

The monkey threw some branches at the duck. Some of them hit the duck.

"Okay, okay. I'm leaving now," said the duck sadly. He was crying.

The duck left the pond. He was so sad when the monkey said that he was ugly.

A small bird was flying. He was so curious when a duck was walking and crying below him. He flew down and stopped in front of the duck.

"What's the matter my friend? Why do you look so sad?" asked the bird.

The duck stopped crying. He then told the bird about the monkey.

"Hmm... I know that monkey. You know what? That monkey does not have any friends because he is arrogant  and he always thinks that he owns that pond. He doesn't want to share the pond. I think it's time for me to give him a lesson," said the bird.

Later the bird flew to the pond. He was thinking of an idea. It was dangerous, but he was sure that his plan could stop the monkey from being arrogant.

"Hey, Mr Monkey! May I drink some water here?" asked the bird.

"No! Leave my pond now You are a small animal and I don't want to see small animals here!" said the monkey.

"What will happen if I don't want to leave this pond?" asked the bird.

"I will eat you!" The monkey was so angry. He jumped and grabbed the bird.

He put the bird inside his big mouth. The bird tried to calm down. He had a plan and he would do it. He defecated and left the feces on the monkey's tongue. The monkey felt there was something strange on his tongue. It tasted so disgusting.

"Yuck!" He opened his mouth and the bird did not waste the opportunity to fly away. The monkey tried to clean his tongue, but the feces stuck very hard. He was looking for something and then he grabbed a piece of bamboo to clean his tongue. However, he did not know that the bamboo was sharp.

His tongue was bleeding! The monkey was screaming in pain.

"Help!!! Please help me!"

The bird responded, "I will help you, but you have to promise to be kind to other animals and also you have to share the pond."

"I promise," said the monkey.

The bird later helped the monkey. When the monkey was cured, he kept his promises. He was kind and shared the pond with other animals.***

Monkey, West Java

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