Siranggir the Cow

Siranggir si Sapi Betina >> Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from North Sumatra

SIRANGGIR was a cow. She had some children. Every day they went to a field to eat some grass with their owner, Aji Tonggal. He was a young man and he loved his cows very much. He even could talk with them.

Aji Tonggal and his parents build a new house for them. The people had a tradition. Before a family stayed at their new house, they had to sacrifice a cow. So, the father asked Aji Tonggal to sacrifice the biggest cow they had. And it was Siranggir, the mother cow.

Siranggir was very sad. But Aji Tonggal had to listen and obey his parents. So, he went to Siranggir and explained what happened. Siranggir knew about the tradition, and he also knew that sooner or later she would also be sacrificed.

"Don't worry, Aji Tonggal. I'm ready to be sacrificed. Please promise that you will always take care of my kids after I have gone. And I have a request. Give me time to talk to my children. I want to say goodbye to them," said Siranggir.

All the children were very sad. They did not want to lose their mother. They understood about the tradition after their mother explained it to them.

Then, it was time for the ceremony. Aji Tonggal did not have the heart to kill his beloved cow. He asked somebody else to do that. After Siranggir was killed, Aji Tonggal's parents shared the meat to the neighbors. The family still kept Siranggir's head. The head was hung in the kitchen.

Several days after the ceremony, a strange thing happened to the family. Every morning, the family went to the field and when they arrived home in the afternoon, they always had food in the kitchen. The food was enough for the whole family.

Aji Tonggal was really curious. One day, he went home earlier. He saw a beautiful girl was cooking in the kitchen. Slowly he walked towards the girl, and grabbed her hand.

"Please let me go. I will explain everything. I am Siranggir. Even though I'm dead, I still want to dedicate my life to you. That's why I transformed my life into a girl," said the girl.

Aji Tonggal was surprised. He then looked for Siranggir's head in the kitchen. But he could not find it. Then he believed that Siranggir's head had already transformed into a young girl.

Aji Tonggal then fell in love with the girl. After that, he talked to his parents. He wanted to marry the girl. The parents agreed. Once again the family had a ceremony. This time, it was a ceremony for their marriage. ***

The Prince of Frog

Pangeran Katak/Kodok >> Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Bali

BALI was suffering from a long drought. It was dried everywhere. Some people were sick. They did not have enough water. Children and old people suffered the most and some of them could not hold the pain anymore. Slowly they died. The disaster was also felt by the animal. They were lying very weakly.

People were confused. They did not know what to do. They had been praying and asking gods to send them rain. They needed water badly. But still, rain did not fall yet.

And finally, one of the gods came down to earth. He was the God of Darkness.

"This disaster is a punishment for you all. You no longer care for others. You just think of yourself," said the God of Darkness.

"We are sorry and we promise to be kind to others. And what should we do to end this disaster?" asked one of the villagers.

"It's easy. I need one young man who is willing to sacrifice himself. I will change him into a frog. He can sing to make rain fall down. And he can change back into a human if he can find a girl who truly loves him as a frog."

People were staring at each other. They were not talking, but it was clear that they were looking for a man who was willing to change as a frog. And no one wanted to do it. People almost gave up. The disaster was getting severe and they had to have rain soon. Otherwise more people and more cattle would die.

Prince Putu Oka was very sad to see the condition. He thought he had to do something to end the disaster. And yes... he was willing to sacrifice himself and change into a frog.

The God of Darkness changed prince Putu Oka into a frog. People were very touched to see how he sacrificed for the people. And after he became a frog the prince immediately sang the songs. And it worked! Slowly, the sky became dark. It was full of dark cloud. Then an amazing thing happened. Rain fell down!

People were happy. They had much water. The cattle were fresh. And the rice fields were green. And of course, Prince Putu Oka was also happy. What he did was very beneficial for the people. His sacrifice was not useless. However he slowly became very lonely. He wanted to meet his friends and play with them. But no one wanted to play with a frog.

The prince of frog did not give up. He knew he had to find a girl who loved him then he could change back into human.

The prince started his journey. He arrived at a palace. There was a beautiful girl at the garden. She looked very sad. The prince of frog came to the girl.

"What's the matter? You looked very sad," asked the frog.

The girl was surprised to see a frog who could talk like humans. And she finally responded to the frog.

"I lost my ring in the pond. No one can help me. It's my favorite ring. I'm really sad."

"Don't worry, I can help you," said the frog.

He immediately swam into the pond. He did not have any problem finding the missing ring. And when he found it, he swam to the surface and gave it to the girl.

"Thank you very much. You are the only one who can help me. I really love you," said the girl.

"Really?" the frog was smiling.

He knew his journey to find a girl who could love him just ended. And he was right, he slowly changed back into a human. The girl was so surprised when the frog changed into a handsome man.

However she was also happy to meet this young and handsome man. They fell in love and later they got married. They lived happily ever after.

Bali scene

Bali Scene

Batara Kala (God of Darkness)

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