The Fight for an Elephant

Pertarungan demi Seekor Gajah | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore From Central Java

THERE was a very beautiful girl in Jepara Central Java. She was very famous for her beauty. People loved her very much. She was kind and polite. Many young men fell in love with her. They had met and proposed her.

However, the proposal was always rejected. It was because they could not fulfill her request. She would marry any man who could give her an elephant.

Elephants were wild animals. No one kept elephants as their pets. However, the girl loved elephants very mu     ch. She had been dreaming to have an elephant.

There was a great man lived in Kudus. His name was Ki Ageng Kedungsari. He had heard about the beautiful girl. He also knew that the girl asked an elephant from a man who wanted to marry her. Ki Ageng Kedungsari had great supernatural power. He used his power to catch and tame an elephant.

After the elephant was tamed, he wanted to bring it to Jepara. He would propose her. In the meantime, people were talking about Ki Ageng Kedungsari. They were amazed with his power to tame an elephant. They all thought that elephants were too difficult to handle. One of the people who heard about Ki Ageng Kedungsari's elephant was Ki Ageng Menawan. He had been in love with her for a long time.

Unfortunately he did not have the power to catch an elephant. So, when he heard that Ki Ageng Kedungsari was able to catch an elephant, he was very jealous!

Ki Ageng Menawan planned to steal the elephant. However, he knew he could not beat Ki Ageng Kedungsari alone. He had to ask someone to help him fight Ki Ageng Kedungsari. He had someone in his mind to help him. It was Ki Watu Gede.

Ki Ageng Menawan and Ki Watu Gede were hiding behind a big tree. They were waiting for Ki Ageng Kedungsari. After a while, finally they saw him walking toward them.

Ki Ageng Kedungsari was walking gently. Next to him was his elephant. The elephant was big. It had big ivories. It looked so wild. However, the elephant was very tamed under Ki Ageng Kedungsari's control.

While he was walking suddenly two men were standing in front of him. They were Ki Ageng Menawan and Ki Watu Gede.

"Stop! Give us your elephant!" said King Menawan.

"Ha ha ha. I don't know who you are and I don't see any reason why I should give you my elephant" said Ki Ageng Kedungsari.

"Well.... The reason is because I will give the elephant as my wedding proposal. Now! Give me your elephant!" ordered Ki Ageng Menawan.

"No way!" said Ki Ageng Kedungsari.

The fight could not be avoided any more. Ki Ageng Menawan and Ki Watu Gede helped each other. They were fighting side by side to beat Ki Ageng Kedungsari.

Although it was one against two, Ki Ageng Kedungsari was able to balance the fight. The three of them were very powerful. They were fighting for days and there was no any sign that someone would give up.

Finally, the three of them were trying to grab the elephant. Ki Ageng Menawan was holding the head and the front part. Ki Ageng Kedungsari was holding the body and Ki Watu Gede was holding the back part of the elephant. They were holding so tightly that the elephant was broken into three big pieces: the front part, the body, and the back part. They all brought their parts to their hometown.

The three parts later changed into big stones. Until now people can see the stones. The stones are in Kedungsari Village, Menawan Village, and Watu Gede Village. The names of the villages are after the names of the people who were fighting to win the elephant.***

Elephant Relief

The Mouse Deer and the Turtle

Kancil dan Kura-kura | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from West Kalimantan

A mouse deer and a turtle were best friends. One day, they went to a river. They wanted to go fishing. One the way to the river, they met a deer.

"Hey friends, where are you going?"

"We're going to go fishing," said the mouse deer.

"May I join you?"

"Sure, no problem."

The three of them continued walking. They later met a hog. The hog also wanted to join them. The mouse deer, the turtle, and the deer agreed. Then the four of them continued walking.

While they were walking, they met a buffalo. The buffalo also wanted to join them. Later, a rhinoceros and an elephant also joined them. They were happy, they could go together. While they continued their trip to the river, a bear stopped them. He was curious why they were walking together.

"Hey guys, where are you going?"

"We're going fishing," said the mouse deer.

"Hmm... It's interesting. May I join you guys? I'm hungry now."

"Sure, no problem. The more the merrier," said the mouse deer.

They were led by the mouse deer. They were walking happily.

Finally, they arrived at the river. They all jumped to the river and caught the fish. After they caught the fish they threw the fish to the river side. The buffalo was still standing at the river side. The mouse deer asked him to guard the fish they caught.

The buffalo did his job carefully. He was collecting all the fish his friends threw to the river side. Suddenly a tiger came.

The tiger was hungry. And when he saw a lot of fish in front him, his mouth was watering. The tiger tried to steal the fish. The buffalo was angry. He attacked the tiger. They were fighting.

Unfortunately, the buffalo lost the fight. He fainted. The tiger, then ate all the fish. The mouse deer finally knew what happened. He asked his friends to keep on catching the fish and throwing them to the riverside. He knew the buffalo could not guard the fish anymore. He then asked the deer to guard the fish.

Sadly, the tiger came. The deer and the tiger were fighting. The deer also could not win the fight. The tiger again ate the fish that the mouse deer and his friends threw to the river side.

The mouse deer saw the deer fainted. So he next asked the hog. Again, the hog could not win the fight against the tiger.

Then mouse deer asked the elephant to guard the fish. The same thing happened. The elephant also lost the fight. Next, the rhinoceros and the bear had to guard the fish. Unfortunately they also lost the fight.

There were only the mouse deer and the turtle. The mouse deer did not want to ask his best friend to fight against the tiger. So he guarded the fish by himself.

Later the mouse deer collected some rattans. He made big rings from the rattans. He wore the big rings in his legs.

And then he looked up to the sky. Later the tiger came. He wanted to steal the fish again. However, he was curious why the mouse deer was looking above in the sky.

"What are you doing?"

"If you wear the big rings, you can see what happens in the sky," said the mouse deer.

The tiger was curious, so he wore the rings.

"Hey, I still cannot see anything,” said the tiger.

"That's because you don't wear enough rings. Your body is big, so you have to wear many rings. Here, let me help you," said the mouse deer.

The mouse deer put all the rings to the tiger's legs. All the legs were full of rings. The tiger could not move his legs at all.

He was just lying hopelessly. The mouse deer was happy, the tiger could not disturb them anymore. ***

Painted Terrapin


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