Ning Rangda

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Folklore from South Kalimantan

A long time ago, there was an old woman named Ning Rangda. She was called Ning because she was old and had a hunchbacked body. Everybody knew her because she always makes a wedding dress.

Every time people asked why she sewed a new wedding dress, she always said that it was for her prospective husband. Do you want to know the whole story why Ning Rangda always sewed a new wedding dress? Read on!

When Rangda was a young girl, she always helped her parents. Her father was a tailor and Rangda always helped him sewed the people's dress. Rangda was also very beautiful. Many young men fell in love with her.

The king's son heard about Rangda. He was a prince of the kingdom and one day he would replace his father as the king. The prince was single and wanted to get married. So, he decided to go to Rangda's house. He wanted to order a dress from her.

When the prince arrived at Rangda's house, he fell in love with her. After getting his dress, he immediately went back to the palace. He wanted to tell his father that he already found his prospective wife.

However, right after the prince arrived at the palace, he suffered a terrible illness. He got high fever. 

And every time the prince slept, he always whispered a name, "Rangda, Rangda, Rangda."

The king was really worried. He asked his advisor about the Rangda's name. The advisor then told the king about the beautiful Rangda. The king knew that his son fell in love with her. The king then asked his soldiers to take him and the prince to Rangda's house. A soldier went first to Rangda's house. He was asked to tell Rangda and her parents about the wedding proposal.

As he arrived at Rangda's house, he told Rangda and her parents that the king and the prince would come to propose her. Rangda was very happy because she also fell in love with the prince. When the prince heard that she would meet the beautiful Rangda, he was very happy. Then he cured of his illness.

Then the prince, the king, and the soldiers went to Rangda's house. The trip was very tiring and that made the prince suffered his illness again. The illness was worse than the previous one. It was so bad that finally the prince died.

The king was sad. He thought it was useless to continue the trip. Then he went back to the palace. Meanwhile, Rangda did not know that the prince had died. She was sewing a wedding dress for the prince. She wanted to give him the best wedding dress.

Every day, she waited and waited for the prince but he never came. She always waited for the prince. She kept on sewing the wedding dress until she was old and had a hunchbacked body. ***

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La Moelu and the Fish

La Moelu dan Ikan >> Edisi Bahasa Indonesia

Folklore from Southeast Sulawesi

ONCE upon a time, there was a young boy named La Moelu. He lived with his mother. His father died when he was a baby. La Moelu was a good son. He was obedient and helpful to his mother. He always helped his mother in the field. La Moelu loved fishing. Whenever he caught some fish, he always gave them to his mother.

It was a beautiful day. La Moelu went fishing in the river. He had been in the riverside for hours, but he was not able to catch one fish. Suddenly, he caught one small fish. The fish was attractive. He wanted to keep it as a pet. At home, La Moelu told his mother about the attractive fish. She also liked the fish.

"Put the fish inside the glass, Son. I think the glass is big enough for this small fish."

La Moelu did it. Amazingly, the fish grew bigger. The glass was not big enough for him. La Moelu then put the fish inside the bowl. Again, the fish grew bigger and it was not enough for the fish.

"All right, I will make a pond for you."

La Moelu dig the land and made a fish pond. When it was ready, La Moelu put the fish inside the pond. What happened next was very surprising. The fish grew very big and the pond was not enough for him!

"What should I do, Mother?"

"Let's put the fish to the sea. Maybe he will stop growing," said the mother.

La Moelu agreed. He brought the fish to the sea. Before he released the fish to the sea, he said,

"I don't want to say goodbye to you. We will meet again. I will name you Jinnande Teremombonga. Every time I call out your name, you go to the beach. I will feed you then," said La Moelu to the fish.

La Moelu put the fish to the sea. Did the fish grow bigger? Yes, he did! The fish grew as a giant fish. On the following day, La Moelu went to the beach. He called out the fish name, "Jinnande Teremombonga! Jinnande Teremombonga!"

Not long after that the fish appeared and swam approach Moelu. He gave some food to the fish. He was happy. La Moelu did not know that three men were watching. Who were they? They were La Moelu's neighbors. They were interested in the giant fish.

"Let's catch the fish tomorrow. You know the fish name, right? You call out the fish name and after that I will throw a spear. After the fish is dead, we can cook and eat for the whole family," said one man.

Yes, three of them were brothers. They wanted to kill the fish and cook for their family. Early in the morning, the three men went to the sea. One of them called out the fish's name.

When the giant fish appeared, one man threw a spear. It hit the fish! The fish was bleeding terribly and slowly it died. The three men brought the fish home. Meanwhile, La Moelu went to the sea. He called out the fish's name several times, but the fish did not appear. La Moelu was sad. He went home.

He passed his neighbor's house. He saw they were having a party. Yes, they were eating the giant fish. They invited La Moelu to join them. He accepted their offer.

When La Moelu saw the fish, he was shocked. He recognized his fish. He was so sad that he could not say anything. Before he left the house, he grabbed one fish bone. He wanted to bury the fish properly.

La Moelu buried the fish bone. On the following day, a small tree grew. The tree was beautiful. The leaves and the branches were gold! La Moelu picked the leaves and branches. He wanted to sell them. Amazingly, there grew another leaves and branches. La Moelu and his mother had lots of money! Since then La Moelu and his mother became very rich. They were very happy. ***

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