Gunung Batu Benawa

Folklore From South Kalimantan

IN South Kalimantan there is a mountain that often visited by tourists. It is a favorite place for campers. The name of the mountain is Batu Benawa Mountain or Gunung Batu Benawa. Local people say that the mountain has a story. The legend happened a long time ago. Do you want to know how the mountain was made? Read on!

A long time ago there was an old woman living with his only son. His name was Raden Penganten. They were poor. The only had a small piece of land to cultivate. Sometimes Raden Penganten hunted in the jungle and sold the animal meat.

Raden Penganten was not happy with his life. He wanted to have a better life. He wanted to live in a big house, have a lot of money, and get married. He planned to leave the house and work in other island. However, his mother disagreed.

"No, Son. Please stay here with me. I know we don't have much, but we have everything we need. We have food and shelter," said the mother.

"But Mother, I want to get married. And I want my family to be happy. I want to have a big house and a lot of money. I want to sail. I promise I will be back home soon and bring you a lot of money," said Raden Penganten.

The mother was speechless. She could say nothing. She knew her son was stubborn. When he already made up his mind. It could not be changed at all.

Sadly, she let her son go. She repeatedly asked him to go back home soon. And Raden Penganten promised. Raden Penganten sailed in a big ship. The cruise spent days. And finally the ship harboured in a big city. Raden Penganten did not know what to do. He came to many people asking if they had a job for him. After.seeing many people, finally a rich merchant accepted him to work. Raden Penganten was very happy. He worked diligently. He was also smart.

In a very short time, he could learn everything. The merchant was very happy. Since Raden Penganten worked for him, their business grew increasingly. The merchant gave him more trust. Raden Penganten was not just an employee anymore, he was like a manager. He paid the trust by working harder. The merchant was very happy with him. He did not have a son; he only had one beautiful daughter. Sq he planned to ask Raden Penganten to marry his daughter. Raden Penganten agreed. He had been in love with the merchant's daughter.

However, he did not have any courage to propose her, because he was just an employee. And later, the wedding was held. The party was great. Many people came. The couple was very happy. Several months after they got married.

Raden.Penganten was thinking about his mother. He wanted to visit her. He. asked his wife to join him. They sailed ina big ship. After cruising for days, they finally arrived.

People were amazed. They were talking about Raden Penganten. The mother finally heard that his only son was finally coming back home. She immediately left the house. When she arrived she sawmany people were looking at the ship. She was trying tio approach the ship. When she daw her son, she called out his name,

"Raden Penganten... Raden Penganten... Welcome home, Son!"

Raden Penganten was shocked to see her mother. She Iooked dirty. Her clothes were shabby. And she also looked very old. Raden Penganten was ashamed to see his mother. He pretended not to see her. He ignored his own mother!

Raden Penganten asked his crews to leave the harbor. They wanted to continue sailing. The mother was very sad. She prayed to God to punish her son. God answered her prayer. Suddenly heavy rain fell down. Storm and thunder attacked the ship. The ship could not maintain its balance. Soon it was broken into pieces.

The big piece stranded. Slowly it changed into a mountain. People then named the mountain as Balu Benawa Mountain.***

Gunung = mountain

The Hanging Stone

Folklore from North Sumatra

ONCE upon a time, there lived a family near Lake Toba, North Sumatra. The parents had only one child. She was a beautiful girl. The girl was adult. The parents thought it was time to get married.

The parents planned to arrange her marriage. They have already matched her with a young man they chose. They did not know that they daughter already had a boyfriend. She loved him very much. Sadly, the parents did not agree with their relationship. They still asked her daughter to marry the man they chose.

The girl was very sad. Everyday she cried. She did not love the man her parents had already chosen for her. She only wanted to marry her boyfriend.

The time to get married was getting closer. Everyday the girl just sat near the Lake Toba. She was very hopeless. Her only friend was a dog.

The girl wanted to end her life. She wanted to jump to the Lake Toba. She was walking slowly. She approached the edge. She was very confused. She did not want to die or leave her boyfriend.

While she was thinking very hard, suddenly she slipped and fell to a big hole. The girl thought that it was time for her to die. She was surrounded by big stones. She felt the stone were getting closer to her. The stones were squeezing her.

Then she said, "Prapat... Prapat..." It means moving closer. 

Amazingly, the stones were slowly moving closer to her. She was being squeezed!

Meanwhile, the dragon was barking. He was looking downward and keep on barking. It attracted people's attention.

They came to the dog and also looked downward. They heard a girl's voice saying, "Prapat... Prapat."

The people recognized her voice and her dog. They tried to help her. Some of them went to the girl's house. They wanted to tell her parents. The parents immediately went to save their daughter. More and more people came. They all tried to save the girl.

Unfortunately it was too late. The stone were finally squeezing her. However, they were still able to hear voice saying, "Parapat... parapat."

Her parents were sad. They regretted their plan to marry her. Since then people named the area as Parapat.

Time passed by and several years later earthquake attacked the area. Stone were falling down to the lake. and when the quake stopped, people saw a big stone which looked like hanging. Actually the ctone clung to the cliff.

People said that the stone was the girl who was trapped inside the stones. Since the stone looked like hanging, so people named it as the hanging stone or Batu Gantung. ***


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