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Putri Pinang Gading

Putri Pinang Gading >> Edisi Bahasa Indonesia

Folklore from Bangka Belitung

A long time ago in Belitung, there were a couple of husband and wife. The husband was a fisherman. The husbands name was Pak Inda and the wife’s name was Bu Tumina. They lived alone in their house. They did not have any children.

Pak Inda always went fishing in the morning. And in one morning as always he went to the sea. On the way there, he stumbled on a stick of bamboo.

"This is dangerous. Someone may get hurt with it," said Pak Inda.

He threw the bamboo to the sea. Then he continued walking. Again, he stumbled on a bamboo.

“Why are there a lot of bamboos here?” asked Pak Inda to himself.

He wanted to throw the bamboo to the sea. Before he did that, he looked at the bamboo carefully.

"I think this is the same bamboo I threw awhile ago. How can it be here again? "Pak Inda was confused.

He then threw the bamboo to the sea. Amazingly the bamboo kept on coming back to him. He knew that this bamboo was different from other bamboos so he brought it home. At home, Pak Inda told his wife about the bamboo. Bu Tumina suggested him to put the bamboo in a box. They put the box in their bed room. In the morning, they heard a baby crying. Pak Inda and Bu Tumina looked everywhere to find the baby. Finally they found a baby girl inside the box where they put the bamboo. However the bamboo was gone.

Pak Inda and Bu Tumina were very happy. They named the baby girl Putri Pinang Gading. Pak Inda and Bu Tumina took care of her with great love. Even though Putri Pinang Gading was their only child, they did not spoil her.

They taught her to be independent. They also taught her how to protect herself from wild animals. That was why Putri Pinang Gading grew as a great girl. One day, a giant bird attacked their village. The bird was wild. It hurt many people. Nobody dared to kill the giant bird. Putri Pinang Gading knew she had to do something. She wanted to kill the bird.

"Be careful my daughter. We love you very much and we don’t want anything bad happen to you. Here, take this arrow with you. The arrow has poison and it can kill the bird. Just aim it at the bird’s heart," said Pak Inda.

He knew his daughter could do that.

She was skillful with arrows. Putri Pinang Gading then went to the village. She was waiting for the bird. The villagers were scared. They asked her to be careful. Suddenly, the giant bird was flying right above her. The bird tried to attack her. Putri Pinang Gading then prepared her arrow. She aimed at the bird’s heart.

Wooosshhh! The arrow hit the bird’s heart! The bird fell on the ground and died instantly. The villagers were very happy. They thanked Putri Pinang Gading for her great action. On the ground where the giant bird fell, bamboo plants grew. The bamboos were poisonous. Later the villagers named the area as Membalong. It means poisonous bamboos. Membalong is now a district in Bangka Belitung. ***

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The Legend of Kemuning Flower

Legenda Bunga Kemuning >> Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Riau

ONCE upon a time there was a wise king. He had ten beautiful daughters. His wife died a long time ago. All his daughters were named with colors.

Their name were Princess Jambon (pink), Princess Jingga (orange), Princess Biru (blue), Princess Hijau (green), Princess Kelabu (grey), etc. And the youngest was Princess Kemuning (yellow).

The king loved all his daughters. However he was too busy with his jobs as the king. He asked the servant to take care of his daughters.

His daughter became spoiled. But the youngest daughter was different. She was not spoiled. She often helped the servants. They loved her very much.

One day the king planned to go a very far place. He asked what the gifts of the daughters wanted to have. They all said great things, like jewelries or beautiful dress. However Princess Kemuning did not say anything.

"How about you, dear? Do you want anything?" asked the king.

"I just want you to come home safely, Father," said Princess Kemuning.

The king smiled. He knew his youngest daughter had good personality.

After the king went, all the daughters were fully take care by the servants. They had problems controlling the princesses. All the princesses became more naughty and spoiled. They often asked the servants to do anything.

The servants could not do anything. Consequently they did not have time to take care of the garden. It was messy. Leaves were every where. The garden was dirty.

Princess Kemuning was sad to see the condition of the garden. She knew her father loved the garden. So she started to clean the garden. She swept the leaves.

"Hey, look, we have a new servant," said Princess Jingga. And they all were laughing at her. But Princess Kemuning ignored them.

Later the king came home. He brought all the gifts.

"Princess Kemuning, this green stone necklace is for you. I'm sorry, I could not find the yellow one. I have tried to look for it but I did not find it," explained the king.

"That is all right, Father. I love it," said Princess Kemuning.

Princess Kemuning often wore the necklace. It was very beautiful. It was matching with her yellow dress. Unfortunately, Princess Hijau were jealous.

"Kemuning, the necklace is mine. The color is green, right?" said Princess Hijau.

But Princess Kemuning refused to give it to her. She knew Princess Hijau already got her gift. But Princess Hijau still insisted to get it. She talked to the other sisters that they planned to do something bad.

Princess Hijau asked Princess Kemuning to play in the garden. While they were playing, suddenly suddenly she grabbed Putri Kemuning's necklace. The other sisters hit Princess Kemuning's head. They hit so hard and it made Putri Kemuning died. They all very confused, They then buried her in the garden.

Meanwhile the king was looking for all his daughters. He did not see Princess Kemuning. The daughters said that Princess Kemuning ran away. But the king did not believe them. He asked all the soldiers to find her. But they never found her.

The king was sad. He often thought about her. One day the king was in the garden . There was a tree growing. The leaves were like green stone necklace and the flowers were yellow. The flowers reminded him of Princess kemuning. He named it Bunga Kemuning or yellow flower. ***

Murraya paniculata

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