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Breaking the Sun

Rangga and the Magic Spear

Folklore from Papua

A long time ago, the sun did not shine too long. It was only shine for a while then it set to the west. Earth was in the dark most of the time. People did not like it. There were not many things they could do during the day. They wished to see the sun shine longer.

There was one man who really hated to be in the dark. His name was Rangga. Everyday he was thinking how he could make the sun shine long enough. One day he had an idea.

"I think the sun is too big to move. If we can break it into some pieces, the sun can move quickly. Therefore we can have enough light from the sun," said Rangga to his friend.

"But how can we break the sun?" asked one of his friend.

"We can break it by throwing a spear. But it should be a magic spear," said Rangga.

"How can we get the magic spear?" asked his friend.

"We ask the elf to guide us to find the magic spear," asked Rangga.

Then Rangga and his friends meditated in the jungle. It was not an easy thing to do. They were disturbed by wild animals. Luckily they had strong concentration. They were save from the animals. after a while, an elf finally came to them.

"What do you want, my child?" asked the elf.

"We want to break the sun. We need to find a magic spear," explained Rangga.

"Hmm.. the magic spear belongs to the great thief. You have to fight him and grabs the spears from him, said the elf.

Rangga and his friends understood. They knew about the great thief. They herd that he had a supernatural power. Luckily the elf had also give them the supernatural power to fight against the great thief. Rangga and his friends were looking for the great thief. They finally found him. At first Rangga nicely asked the great thief to give him the spear, but of course the thief refused.

"Why should I give you the spear so you can break the sun? I love darkness. I can steal easily, ha.. ha.. ha.." said the thief.

Rangga and his friend knew that they did not have other choice. Then they were fighting. Thanks to the supernatural power given by the elf. Rangga and friends won the fight.

Finally Rangga held the magic spear. He held it firmly. he did not want to waste the time. He wanted to throw the spear and break the sun.

Rangga concentrated and threw the spear with great power towards the sun. and it worked! The sun was breaking into some pieces. The biggest piece became a moon and the small pieces became the stars.

Since then, the sun shines long enough. and when it set to the west, the earth was not completely in the dark. The moon and the stars gave people enough light. ***

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A Lesson for the Tiger

Pelajaran untuk Harimau >> Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Central Java

A Long time ago, all animals had a king. Their king was the tiger. All animals were afraid of him. The tiger was the strongest among them. He was also very mean. He would hit any animals when they disobeyed him. They wanted to give the tiger a lesson.

"Listen friends, we need to find a way. The tiger is also cruel especially to weak animals like me," said the rabbit.

"I have an idea," said the mouse deer. "He is not clever as he looks. I think I can trick him," said the mouse deer.

"How will you trick him?" asked the rabbit.

"It's easy. You meet the tiger and tell him that I challenge him to fight."

"What? Are you kidding? You cannot win!" said the rabbit.

"Don't worry. I'm not really challenging him to fight. It's all part of the plan."

The mouse deer continued.

"You just tell him that I challenge him to fight under that big tree," the mouse deer pointed to a big tree near them.

Later the rabbit met the tiger and he told the tiger about the challenge.

What!? Is it true?! OK, tell the mouse deer I accept his challenge. I will beat him so easily," said the tiger. He was so arrogant.

The tiger went to the big tree. He saw the mouse deer staring at the branches of the tree.

"Hey mouse deer! I heard you challenge me to fight. Come, fight now!" screamed the tiger.

However, the mouse deer did not move at all. He kept on staring on the branches of the tree.

"Mouse deer! Are you deaf?" the tiger was really angry.

"Shh... Be quiet," said the mouse deer.

"What? You asked me to be quiet." The tiger really don't understand.

"Yes. Do you see that big round thing in that branch? last night I had a dream. An owl told me that the big round thing above us can give me power."

He continued. "The problem is I cannot jump or climb to grab that thing."

"Really? Are you sure?" asked the tiger.

"Well, I am the king and I deserve that power. So I want you to get out of here otherwise I will hit you," said the tiger.

The mouse deer pretended to be scared. He immediately ran away. Meanwhile, the tiger climbed the tree. He was trying to grab the round thing in the branch of the tree.

The tiger did not know that the round thing was actually the beehive! And when he was finally able to grab the beehive, he fell down to the ground.

All the bees were angry. They all attacked and stung the tiger. The bees were angry because the tiger had already destroyed their home.

The tiger was in a great pain. He could not fight the bees. he asked for help. Unfortunately, the animals did not want to help him.

The tiger finally went to the river. He swam and he survived. He realized the mistake. Since then he changed, he became a wise king.***

Java Tiger

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The Faithful Tiger