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Princess Mandalika (The Story of Bau Nyale)

Once upon a time, there was a kingdom in Lombok. The king had a very beautiful daughter. Her name was Princess Mandalika. She was very beautiful; many young men fell in love with her.

Princes from all over the place wanted to marry her. One by one, they came to propose to her. Princess Mandalika was a kind girl. She hated making people sad. So, when those princes came to propose to her to be their wife, she was very confused. She could not decide, and she also did not want to make them sad.

The king then held a competition at the Seger Kuta beach in Lombok. He asked all the princes to take part in an archery competition. The rule was simple: whoever shot the target perfectly could be the husband of his beautiful daughter.

One by one, all the participants tried their best. They all wanted to be the winners. After several tries, there was no winner. All the participants were great. Those prices were great at archery. Because there was no one winner, they started to argue. They claimed to be the best. The argument was getting hotter and hotter. Finally, they were all fighting. Soon, the fighting got bigger. It was like a war, because all the princes brought their soldiers to the archery competition. Princess Mandalika was really worried. She did not want the war to get bigger and hurt many people. Finally, she had an idea. >> [Read More]

👸🌼Princess Mandalika drawing with Colored Pencils🌼👸

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