Indonesian Folklore Inspired project adapted to Sci-Fi Fantasy

Join us to Marood Planet!

AFAR is a project about sci and fantasy such as planets, creatures etc


The first planet was Marood, inspired from Indonesian Folklore. The name came from the words Marakata (Sanskirt) and Zamrood (Arabic) which means Emerald. Sanskrit and Arabic languages have great influences in Indonesian literature.

"Emerald of the Equator" is another name of Indonesia because of the green and lush tropical rain-forest as the emeralds, as well as the geographic position of Indonesia, along the equator (wiki).

The Marood tropical planet was also rich of metals such as gold and silver.

This archipelago planet was unique of the diverse bird species. The legendary Garuda also inspired in this project with different name as Agunja from the word agung (Indonesian) means big and andaja (Sanskirt) means egg-born or bird. Humanoid birds were common on this planet. The inhabitants special abilities mostly were architects and artists.

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