The Faithful Tiger (Panyalahan Village) - Picture Book version

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A Folklore from West Java (Indonesian Folklore)

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They lived happily with their baby.

When the couple went to work in the paddy field, the tiger looked after their baby.

Before they left, they asked the tiger to look after their baby.

The tiger nodded.

So, the couple went to the field. They worked from morning until afternoon.

When the couple arrived home, the tiger welcomed them.

The tiger acted differently. The husband became suspicious.

Then he remembered his baby. He thought the tiger had eaten the baby.

 Their babywas not eaten by the tiger.

 The snake was dead and full of blood.

"The tiger must have killed him. He had saved our baby, but I killed him. Oh, my God! What have I done? I am so sorry. Forgive me, my dear tiger. Forgive me, please?”

The couple felt very guilty. They have killed their faithful tiger. It all happened because they did not check the baby first before they killed the tiger.

Since then, the couple’s village was called Panyalahan. The word Panyalahan derives from the word “nyalahan”, which means “wrong guess”.

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The Faithful Tiger