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Journey Through Indonesian Fables: Tales of Nature's Wisdom

Versi Indonesia: Petualangan dalam Dongeng Indonesia: Kisah-Kisah Kebijaksanaan Alam

Indonesian fables are fictional stories that are written in prose or verse and are based in Indonesia. They often include animals, mythical beings, plants, inanimate objects, or forces of nature that have been given human characteristics, such as verbal communication that serves to explain or interpret a moral lesson.

Indonesia is one of the countries with the most diverse flora and fauna. Because of its enormous landmass and tropical archipelago-like form, Indonesia has a highly diverse fauna. The Wallace Line, which separates Indonesia into the Asian zoogeographic zone, which is influenced by Asian species, and the Australasia zoogeographic zone, which is influenced by Australian fauna, is responsible for this great variety. Diverse environments, such as beaches, sand dunes, estuaries, mangroves, and coral reefs, have an impact on Indonesia's fauna as well.

Indonesian fables often incorporate animals and plants that are native to the country, such as monkeys, tigers, elephants, snakes, birds, and various types of plants and trees. These stories not only entertain and captivate readers but also serve as a way to pass down cultural values, traditions, and wisdom from one generation to another.

Through the imaginative narratives of Indonesian fables, people can learn important life lessons, ethical principles, and the consequences of certain behaviors. These fables often highlight the importance of respect for nature, harmony with the environment, and the values of kindness, honesty, and perseverance.

Overall, Indonesian fables provide a window into the country's rich biodiversity and cultural heritage, blending storytelling with lessons that reflect the close connection between people and the natural world.

>> Folklor Indonesia ((Edisi Indonesia)

   Mouse Deer and Tiger (Kancil dan Harimau)
Long Time ago in a jungle of Java, a tiger was wandering around for food. He hadn't been eating for days. He was really hungry! While he was approaching a small lake, he saw Mouse Deer drinking. The tiger wanted to eat him. Tiger smiled, "Hmmm yummy, finally I get my lunch!"
Tiger slowly ducked, crawled, and held his breath......
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 Sigarlaki and Limbat (Sigarlaki dan Limbat)
A long time ago in Tondonao, there lived a great hunter. His name was Sigarlaki. He was very skillful with his spear. He used his spear to hunt animals in the jungle. He was a very famous hunter. Every time he hunts in the jungle, he always went home with some animals.
Sigarlaki had a servant. His name was Limbat. Sigarlaki was very lucky; Limbat had been always loyal to him.......
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Siranggir the Cow (Siranggir sang Sapi)
Siranggir was a cow. She had some children. Every day they went to a field to eat some grass with their owner, Aji Tonggal. He was a young man and he loved his cows very much. He even could talk with them.
Aji Tonggal and his parents build a new house for them. The people had a tradition. Before a family stayed at their new house, they had to sacrifice a cow.....
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Manik Angkerang
A long time ago, lived a very rich family in Bali. The father was Sidi Mantra. He was very famous for his supernatural power. He lived happily with his wife and his only child Manik Angkeran. Manik Angkeran was a spoiled son. He also had a bad habit. He liked to gamble.
Because of his bad habit, his parents soon became poor. They always advised Manik Angkeran to stop his bad habit, but he never listened to them. >> Read More
Lutung kasarung
Prabu Tapa Agung was an old king. He had two daughters, Purbararang and Purbasari. Prabu Tapa Agung planned to retire as a king. He wanted Purbasari to replace him as the leader of the kingdom. Hearing this, Purbararang was angry.
"You cannot ask her to be the queen, Father. I'm older than she is. It's supposed to be me, not her!" said Purbararang.........
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A Farmer and a Hedgehog Statue (Sang Petani dan Patung Landak)
IT was a very hot day. A farmer was working on his field. He was there for several hours. He was very tired and wanted to get some rest. Just before he found a nice place to rest, he saw something very shiny.
He came to the shiny object and took it. It was a hedgehog statue. It was very beautiful. Its eyes were made of diamond. Those were the shiny objects he saw. The farmer then brought the statue home......
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The Golden Antelope (Antelop Emas)
There was an old and poor man lived alone in the jungle. His wife passed away years ago and he did not have any children. Every day he collected some woods and sold them in the village.
One day, the old man saw a beautiful antelope. The antelope was different from other antelopes. The color of the skin was golden. The old man walked slowly towards the antelope.....
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Deer have horns, right? But a long time ago, the deer did not have horns. Instead, dogs had horns. How did the deer get the horns?
Here is the story.
It was a very hot day. A couple of deer went to a river to drink. They were husband and wife. After arriving at the lake, they immediately drank some water. Suddenly, the wife saw an animal coming.....
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The Legend of Surabaya (Legenda Surabaya)
A long time ago in East Java there were two strong animals, Sura and Baya. Sura was a shark and Baya was a crocodile. They lived in the sea. Actually, they were friends.
But when they were hungry, they were very greedy. They did not want to share their food. They would fight for it and never stop fighting until one of them gave up.....
A Story from Roti Island (Cerita dari Pulau Roti)
Once upon a time, a grandmother and her granddaughter lived in Roti Island, Nusa Tenggara Timur. They had a field and grew some vegetables. The grandmother sold them at the market. In one morning, the grandmother would go to the market. Before she left, she asked her granddaughter to cook.....
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Ki Semar and Slamet Mountain (Ki Semar dan Gunung Slamet)
A long time ago, Slamet Mountain was very high. It was so high that it could reach the sky. The people heard that they could take the stars if they were on top of the mountain. But no one dared to go there.
The people were afraid that the gods in heaven would be angry if people took the stars. However, the beauty of the stars made some monkeys dared to go to the top of the mountain.
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The Baruklinting Dragon Baruklinting Sang Naga)
A long time ago, there was a giant dragon. His name was Baruklinting. One day, one of the gods asked him to take nine shepherds as an offering for the gods.
Then Baruklinting went to a mountain. He opened his big mouth every day. He hoped that shepherds would enter his big mouth. In the village, ten shepherds took their cows to the grass field on the mountain.....
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Do you know why the roofs of houses in West Sumatra have the shape of buffalo horns? Here is the story. Once upon a time there was a kingdom in West Sumatra. The people worked as farmers. Their lives were full of happiness. The land was fertile and the weather was always beautiful. The people also had a wise king. He always protected the people.
However, soon their happy lives would be disturbed......
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