The Cockatoo and the Parrot

The palm cockatoo (Probosciger aterrimus) and The black-capped lory (Lorius lory)

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The Cockatoo and the Parrot Coloring Page

Folklore from Papua

One upon a time in Manimkan at Mybrat district, West Papua, a Cockatoo and a parrot lived together. They were good friends.

One day, the Cockatoo asked the parrot, “Would you like to go to the Sago Village? There is a lot of sago there.”

The parrot agreed. Soon they reached the Sago Village.

"How to cut this sago and take it?” asked the parrot.

The Cockatoo explained, "We will make holes at the lower part of this tree until it falls. And then we peek off the bark of the tree. After that we hit the trunk until the sago out. Isn’t that easy?”

“Ah! I don’t agree. How about making holes at top and bottom of the tree an then we pick the sago with a stick? said the parrot.

However the Cockatoo disagree and still did his own way.

Finally, the Parrot followed the Cockatoo. They made holes at the lower part of the tree trunk until it fell and peel the tree bark.

After they peeled the bark of the sago tree, they began to hit the sago trunk again and again. The parrot felt very tired and it started to complain.

The Cockatoo didn’t listen to Parrot’s nag. He still continued pounding the sago trunk and ignored him. And this made the parrot really angry.

The paroot took the wood that used to hit the sago trunk and hit the Cockatoo’s head until it bleed.

The parrot was surprised. He brought the Cockatoo home and took care of his good friend. The parrot regretted his rudeness.

The Cockatoo finally healed. But the scar leaved mark at his head. That’s why some part of the Cockatoo head wasn’t covered with the feathers. (*)

Reference: Local Children’s book, Bintang Pustaka.

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