Nini and the Fish Princess

Nini dan Putri Ikan | Edisi Indonesia

Folktale from Southeast Sulawesi

THERE was a small village under the sea. The fish lived there happily and peacefully. One of the fish was Nini. She lived with her parents. Nini's mother did not let Nini to leave the village.

Nini was so curious. Her friends had told her the view outside the village was amazing, So one day, she Ieft the village.

Nini kept on swimming. She had been very far away from her village. She saw some big ships. She was so amazed.

"My friends are right. The view is so wonderful," said Nini.

Then she thought it was time for her to go home. She tried to find her way back to the village. Sadly, she was lost!

Nini got so panicky. She was also scared. She remembered what her mother always said.

"Outside our village is so dangerous. There are lots of mean fish. They can eat you!" warned Nini's mother.

Nini started to cry. She really regretted not to obey her mother. She was completely helpless.

:'While she was looking for her way back home, she met a beautiful fish. She was a fish princess.

"Why are you crying, Dear?" asked the fish princess.

"I'm lost, I don't know how to go back home," said Nini.

While the two fish were talking, suddenly they saw a big ship coming. The beautiful fish looked at the ship attentively. She lowly started to look very sad.

"Why do you look so sad?" asked Nini.

The beautiful fish looked at Nini and answered,

"Actually, I'm not a real fish. I'm a human. My name is Princess Kanaya. That ship belongs to a Prince. My sister is jealous with me because he chose to marry me, not her. She asked a witch to change me into a fish. I can be a human again, if the prince is willing to marry me as a fish."

Nini wanted to help. So, she swam and jumped to the ship. The prince was so surprised to see a beautiful fish in his ship. He was surprised when Nini, the fish, was able to talk. Nini told the prince that a witch had turned Princess Kanaya into a fish. She could be back as a human if the prince would marry her.

The prince was so happy when he heard the news. He thought that he would never see the princess again.

"Please, I want to see Princess Kanaya now," said the prince.

Nini immediately jumped back to the sea. When she met the fish princess, she told her that the prince wanted to see her.

'Are you sure?" asked the fish Princess.

'Yes, I told him everything and he was so happy to know that you are still alive," said Nini.

The fish princess then jumped to the prince's ship.

When she met him, the fish princess said. "I'm Princess Kanaya."

The prince was so sad to see her as a fish. Because he really loved her, then he said, "Will you marry me?"

Amazing! The fish princess slowly changed into a beautiful girl. Yes! Princess Kanaya had turned back as a human.

Then they got married. Princess Kanaya did not forget Nini. She then helped Nini found her way back home.

Nini finally found her house. she apologized to her mother and promised that she would always obey her. ***

 Wakatobi Resort, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Wakatobi Resort, Sulawesi, Indonesia

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