The Legend of Saba Mpolulu Mountain

Folklore from Southeast Sulawesi

THERE were two big mountains in Southeast Sulawesi. The two mountains' names were Mata Air Mountain, which means wellspring, and Kamonsope Mountain.

The two mountains were separated in a long distance. Each mountain had a guard. a fat man guarded the Mata Air Mountain whil'e the'one who guarded the Kamonsope Mountain was a beautiful woman.

Meanwhile, Mata Air Mountain suffered a long drought. Rain had not fallen for a very Iong time. Slowly, trees became dried. Animals one by one died. The fat man was restless. He was. confused what to do.

The fat man heard that rain fell down regularly in Kamonsope Mountain. He planned to go to Kamonsope Mountain. He wanted to make tunnel from Kamonsope Mountain to Mata.Air Mountain. But fust, he had to get the permission from the guardian, the beautiful woman.

"Mata Air Mountain is dry now. We need lots of water. I plan to make a tunnel to water the Mata Air Mountain. Do you agr'ee with that?" asked the fat man.

The beautifulwomanwas upset to hear the fat man's request. She said, "No! I need the water for Kamonsope Mountain. I have to save the water just in case I also suffer the long drought!"

"But I need water badly," begged the fat man..

"I don't care! Thatt your own problem!" yelled the beautjfirl woman.

The fat man kept on asking the woman to give her some Y\rater, but she always refused his request.

The fat man gave up. He went back to Mata Air Mountain. He was extremely angry! He wanted to revenge and gave her a lesson. What would he do? Well, he wanted to destroy Kamonsolre Mountain with his cannon!

The fat man prepared his cannon and aimed toward the Kamonsope Mountain.


Unfortunately, he missed the target. He repeatedly shot Kamonsope Mountain but he never reached the target.

In the meantime, thebeautifirlgirlwas angry when,&e mountain she guarded was under attack. She also used her Jannon to attack Mata Air Mountain She aimedatthe MataAir Mountain and shot it with her cannon.

"Bang!" she hit the target.

She was not satisfied. She was very angry and did not want to stop.

She kept on shooting the Mata Air Mountain. Slowly, the top part of Mata Air Mountain destroyed.

Finally the top part of Mata Air Mountaln became flat. It looked Ike an axe that lost some of its part.

Since then people named Mata Air Mountain as Saba Mplolulu Mountain. Saba means incomplete and Mpolulu means an axe. ***

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