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The New King

Raja Baru | Edisi Bahasa Indonesia

Folklore from Lampung

ALL the animals in the jungle were restless. They heard some humans came to the jungle to hunt them. They heard those hunters would kill them. The hunters did not only kill the animals. They still did terrible things after the animals were dead such as taking off the elephants' tusks, peeling the skin of tigers and snakes, cutting off the heads of deer and made them as ornaments in the walls, and other terrible things.

The king of the jungle was the lion. He called all the animals to gather in the open field. They had a meeting. The Lion tried to calm them down.

"Relax... I will make sure they will not hunt us! I will fight the hunters, wish me luck!"

The lion walked elegantly. He was very responsible and he always protected all the animals. That was why all the animals loved him very much.

The lion was waiting under a big tree. He smelled the humans were near him. He planned to attack the hunters. He was hiding behind the tree and when the time was perfect, he would jump and attack the hunters.

He was waiting... then he jumped! He attacked a human who walked in front.

Unfortunately, the lion did not know that there were others humans behind him and those humans brought guns! They shot the lion! The lion died instantly.

All the animals were sad. Without their king, they were very helpless.

They did not know what to do. They had to choose a new king.

"No, not me. My body is big and I cannot move fast. I cannot protect you," said the elephant during a meeting to choose a new king.

"Not me either... No, not me.,.," all the animals refused to be the new. king.

Suddenly the monkey spoke.

"I will be your new king. Look at me! My body is the same as human's body. Well, I know humans do not have tails like I do. But compared to other animals I really look like humans. So I can also think like humans, and that means I can protect you all."

All the animals nodded their heads. They agreed to choose the monkey as their new king. And that made the monkey very happy. He immediately ordered other animals to give him a lot of fruits. He said he needed the fruits to give him energy to think.

Days passed by and the monkey did not do anything. He just sat on the branch of trees and ate the fruits. He was just being lazy and that made other animals upset, because the hunters were already in the jungle.

The fox was the most upset animal. He wanted to give the monkey a lesson.

He planned to trick the monkey. He told the monkey that there was a tree full of delicious fruits. The monkey was so happy. He asked the direction of the tree to the fox. And after he knew it, he went to the tree.

The monkey did not know that the hunters set a trap under the tree. And when the monkey climbed the tree, he was trapped! The hunters immediately caught the monkey and put him in a cage. The fox was looking from a distance. He was laughing very hard.

"Ha ha ha... you said you are clever, but in fact you are very stupid!"

Since then the animals did not have any kings and they lived separately in the jungle. ***


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