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The Story of Panyalahan Village (The Faithful Tiger)

LONG time ago in Tasikmalaya, West Java, lived a young couple. They were farmers. They lived happily with their baby. The couple also had some animals. One of them was a tiger. When the couple went to work in the paddy field, the tiger looked after their baby.

As usual, the couple went to the paddy field. Before they left, they asked the tiger to look after their baby.

“We will go to the field now. Look after our baby, okay?”

The tiger nodded.

So, the couple went to the field. They worked from morning until afternoon. When the couple arrived home, the tiger welcomed them. The tiger acted differently. He wagged his tail and rubbed his body to the couple’s legs. He looked very happy. The husband became suspicious.

“Why does this tiger behave strangely? He does not act as usual,” he thought. >> [Read More]

Did you know? 

There were three kinds of tigers in Indonesia, two of them are extinct
They are/were Bali Tiger, Javan Tiger and Sumatran Tiger

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The Faithful Tiger