The Calf and the Crocodile

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A Folktale from Central Kalimantan

A calf wants to play outside his house.

"Mom, can I play outside?"

"OK. But don't play near the river. A crocodile lives there. He will eat you if he is hungry," says mother cow.

The calf then goes outside. He doesn't realize now he is near the river.

Suddenly he hears an animal asking for help. He sees a crocodile pinned down a big trunk of a tree. He cannot move. He asks the calf to remove the trunk.

"Help me. It really hurts me. Please remove the trunk," the crocodile is crying.

The calf then removes the trunk. After the crocodile is free, suddenly he bites the calf's leg.

"Hey, what are you doing Mr. Crocodile?" the calf is very shocked.

Thanks for your help, now you have to help me becoming my lunch. I'm really hungry," says the crocodile.

He is still biting the calf's leg.

The calf is very sad, now he remembers his mother advice, not to play around the river. Suddenly, a monkey passes by. He asked what happens to them.

"The crocodile is bad to me. I already helped him but now, he wants to eat me," explain the calf to the monkey.

"Is it true? Well I cannot say if the crocodile is bad or not. I didn't see the accident. Now can you repeat your help?" asked the monkey.

He has a plan to help the calf.

The crocodile then opens his mouth. The calf and the monkey put the big trunk of the tree to crocodile's body.

And then the monkey whispers to the calf, "Now run! That stupid crocodile cannot eat you!"

"Thank you, Mr. Monkey. You are very clever. I always remember your help!"

The calf then runs as fast as he can. And the crocodile regrets his stupidity. ***

Bali Calf

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