Glutinous Rice

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A Folktale from North Sumatra

Olih and her mother live in a village in North Sumatra. They are poor. Their neighbors love them because they are kind and always help other people.

In the evening, seven old women come to Olih’s house. Those women look dirty, and they are wearing ragged clothes. They are also very hungry.

“Good evening. We are hungry. Could you please give us some food?” ask one of the old women.

“Don’t worry, Ma’am. We have some food for you. Just wait for a moment.”

Olih then goes to his house. He opens the cupboard then takes some food. A moment later he gives the food to those old women.

“Thank you very much, Kid. It’s very kind of you. We are also very tired. Would you let us stay here to spend the night? Nobody wants to let us stay in their house. We are strangers here, we have no place to go.”

“Don’t worry. You all can stay here,”says Olih’s mother.

“Thank you very mich. You two are very kind to us.”

In the morning, those seven old women are still sleeping. Olih’s mother asks Olih to wake them up to have breakfast.

Suddenly Olih screams! “Mom! Come here!!!”

Olih’s mother then runs to the bedroom. She finds the room full of rice. The old women are gone. But there is one beautiful girl sitting on the bed.

“Don’t be afraid. I am one of the women. My father sent me here. He has a great super natural power. He changed me into an old woman and ask me to deliver this special rice to a family that helped me, “says the girl.

Olih and her mother are very happy. Now they have enough rice to eat. They also share the rice to the neighbors. The rice is so delicious. They call it beras pulut or glutinous rice, it means sticky and delicious rice. ***

long-grain glutinous rice

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