Ungrateful Son

JATUR and Menur are twins. Jantur is a boy and Menur is a girl. Jantur and Menur are very different. Jantur is lazy and gets angry easily. When Jantur is angry, he always says bad things. On the other hand, Menur is kind, diligent, and patient girl.

When their parents are working in a paddy field, Jantur ask Menur to cook. He is hungry. Menur then cooks for her brother. After the food is served, Jantur eats. Suddenly he throws the food on the floor. 

“What food is this? Yuck! It’s not delicious!”

Menur cries. She is very sad. But she is not angry to her brother. Slowly she collects the food on the floor and put it in the trash bin.

When their parents return home, Menur tells about the food. 

The father advises Jantur, “Why did you do that to your sister? She already helped you.”

Jantur is angry, “I don’t care! Her food is not delicious! I hate her.”

“Please don’t say that. She is your sister, “ father tries to calm him down.

“Why did you defend her? Why didn’t you support me? If you don’t love me anymore, go away! I hate you all!”

Jantur is very angry. He cannot control himself. Menur and her parents then leave the house. They now stay in a mountain. Everyday they pray to God to make Jantur becomes a good person.

Not long after that, Jantur suffers a disease. His body is full of tumors. It’s very bad. Nobody wants to see him. He looks very ugly. Jantur realizes that God punishes him. He regrets. Then he leaves his house to look for his parents and his sister.

Finally he finds them. He asks for their forgiveness. 

“I’m sorry, Mom and Dad. I’m sorry Menur. I have done bad things to you all. Now please forgive me,” Jantur says.

“We all already forgave you, Son. Everyday we pray for you. Now God hears our pray. Come here…” Mom then hugs Jantur.

Suddenly all the tumors in Jantur’s body are gone! Jantur is very happy.

“Thank you, God! Thank you, Mom, Dad, and Menur. I promise I will be a good person.***

Pulau Merah, East Java
Costumed little girl, 
Jember Fashion Carnival, 
Jember, East Java, 
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