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Folklore from Banten

ONCE upon a time, there was a king. He is very rich and had great power. However he was not happy. His only child, the prince, was not a good son. The prince had bad attitudes.

He liked to do cockfighting and gambling. Every time the prince had cock fighting. He also ignored his father's advice. Until one day, the king could not hold it anymore. He asked the prince to leave the palace and lived in the jungle. The prince knew it was his punishment. So he left the palace and went to the jungle. He had never been to the jungle before. He was very confused. He did not know where to stay.

While he was busy looking for a place to stay, he found a hut. He was so happy. He immediately knock the door, then a beautiful girl opened the door. She was an orphan. Her parents just died and now she lived alone. The prince fell in love with her. He asked her to marry him. The girl agreed and later they got married. The prince and his wife had a happy life. They got happier when the wife was pregnant.

The prince worked harder. He wanted to give the best to his baby. When the prince was working in the field, he heard that his father, the king, died. And now there was no king in the palace. The prince rushed to the palace. When his wife asked to join him, the prince forbade her. 

The wife was sad. She was pregnant and she was alone in the jungle. While she was sitting for the husband, and eagle flew above her. The eagle dropped an egg. It was a chicken egg. She keep the egg. And when she delivered a baby son, the egg also hatched.

She named her son Panji Kelaras. While she was working, Panji Kelaras always played with his chick, which soon grew as a cock. Meanwhile, Panji Kelaras father now was the king. However, the king did his bad behaviour again.

He liked to do cock fighting. The king's cock always won the fighting. He was not satisfied, he made a competition of cockfighting and the prize was a bag of gold. Many people brought their cocks and fought them with the king's cock. No cock could beat the king's cock. 

Panji Kelaras heard about the competition. He asked his mother's permission to go the palace. She gave him her blessing. She let her son go to the palace because she wanted him to meet his father, the king. When Panji Kelaras arrived at the palace he immediately gave his cock to the soldiers.

Soon, the cocks were fighting. Finally, Panji Kelaras cock won the fighting. He was so happy. The king kept his promise. He gave Panji Kelaras a bag of gold. When Panji Kelaras left the palace, the king secretly follow him. The king was surprised when Panji Kelaras went to the hut he used to stay with his wife. And he was more surprised when he saw his wife hugged Panji Kelaras. "

Who is he?" asked the king. He was jealous.

"He is you son. Where were you? I was waiting for you for long time but you never came back," said his wife.

The king regretted his mistake. He apologized to his wife and to his son. Later the king asked them to stay in the palace. And when the king died, Panji Kelaras became the king. He led the kingdom wisely.***

Banten Cock

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