The Beautiful Princess

Folklore from West Java

KING Prabu Panggung Keraton had a sister. Her name was Princess Rarang Puroaratna. She was very beautiful. Many men were dreaming to be her husband. They all were trying to propose her; however the princess never paid any attention to them.

The king was worried. He wanted to know why she did not choose any man to be her husband. He truly loved his only sister. He wanted to assure his sister to be happy. He wanted to help her find a husband.

"My Dear Sister, what can I do to help you? I can find a great man to be your husband," said the king.

"My Dear Brother I have something in my mind. I have a test for any men who wanted to propose me. I have a riddle and I will marry a man who can solve it " said the princess.

The princess continued, "Here is the riddle, I went to the garden and got it, when I came into the house I cried because of it."

The king immediately spread the news. He announced that his sister would marry a man who can solve her riddle.

Many men came and tried to solve the riddle. One of them was King Gajah Menggala. He was a mean king. He had supernatural power. And just like the other participants, he failed to solve the riddle. The king was angry. He swore he would attack King Prabu Panggung Keraton's kingdom.

Meanwhile, a prince from the Pakuan Pajajaran kingdom came. His name was Prince Munding Larik. He was handsome, kind, and clever. He wanted to solve the riddle because he loved the princess. He hoped he could marry her.

"Princess Rarang Purbaratna, I know the answer of your riddle. It’s onion."

Yes! It was true! The princess was happy. Finally a man could solve the riddle. She knew that the prince was her destiny. King Prabu Panggung Keraton was also happy. The wedding was set. The king called for his people to come to the wedding party.

King Gajah Menggala heard that the princes had found a man to be her husband. He went to Jotang Cave to meet a spirit named Jonggrang Kalapitung. He asked the spirit to kidnap the princess. The spirit easily entered the princess' room.

When he saw the princess, he was amazed by her beauty. He fell in love with her. He still kidnapped the princess but he brought the princess to his cave. He did not want to bring the princess to King Gajah Menggala's palace.

Prince Munding Larik was angry! He rushed to Jotang Cave to free his wife. And when he reached the cave, he immediately went into the cave.

Unfortunately, Jonggrang Kalapitung had blocked the cave with invisible stones. Prince Munding Larik then used his supernatural power to break the stones. He succeeded! And when he was inside the cave,  Jonggrang Kalapitung had changed himself as a giant snake.

Prince Munding Larik was not scared. The snake tried to squeeze the prince. With his power, the prince could free himself.  And finally he used his sword to defeat the giant snake.

He cut the snake into pieces. The snake died. Prince Munding Larik brought his wife home. King Gajah Menggala heard that Jonggrang Kalapitung was killed by Prince Munding Larik. He was afraid hat the prince would kill him also. So he came and apologized. He promised he would never disturb them again. ***


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