Udak and the Giants

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A long time ago, lived a man named Udak. He lived with his only son. His wife had passed away when the son was a baby.

Udak loved his son very much. He always gave whatever his son asked. It made his son became a spoiled boy. One day, Udak's son asked for some mangoes.

"Father, I really want to eat some mangoes. Can you get some for me?"

"Mangoes? It's very difficult to find mangoes now. It's not the season for mango trees to harvest. How about other fruits?" asked Udak.

"No, Father! I want mangoes!"

Udak was so worried. His heart beat very fast. He knew there was only one mango tree that could have the fruits in any season. It was a magic tree.

Unfortunately the tree belonged to the giants! Yes, there was a family of giants in the middle of the jungle. Everybody was scared of them. They ate animals and humans! No one dared to go to the middle of the jungle.

The son began to cry. Udak was so sad to see his son crying.

"All right, I'll find some mangoes for you," said Udak.

He then left the house and went to the jungle.

It was a very hard journey and Udak could handle it. Later he arrived at the giants' house. The house was so big. There lived a husband and wife of giants with their only son.

The mango tree was in the front yard. The tree had some fruits. Udak was so happy to see the fruits. He carefully climbed the tree and picked the fruits. He picked the fruits very fast. He did not want the giants to know that he stole their mangoes. It was too fast and Udak was a little careless. He dropped some of ttre fruits and that made some noise! The giants heard the noise and they went out to see what happened.

They some saw fruits on the ground. When they checked the tree, they saw a man was picking some fruits. The giants were angry! The father giant immediately grabbed Udak.

"what should we do?" asked the mother giant.

"Put him in a cage. Feed him some food. After his body is gaining some weight, we will eat him! He's too skinny now!"

The mother giant put Udak inside the cage. Udak was very sad. He heard their conversation. He remembered his son. He felt so sad that he would not meet him anymore. He also felt guilty by spoiling his son. He knew it was wrong to give whatever his son asked him.

Udak was crying. The giants' child came to Udak. He was just a little giant. He asked Udak why he was crying. Udak then told him about his son and how much he loved him.

Udak also told him that he liked to pick-aback his son. It was a great time when Udak carried his son on his back.

It seemed that the giants' child never had pick-a-back before. He asked Udak to carry him on Udak's back. Udak knew it was difficult to carry the giants' child. Although he was still very young but the giants' child was as big as Udak.

However Udak also knew that'it was his opportunity to escape. So he asked the giant's child to open the cage. When it was opened, Udak ran very fast.

Udak kept on running very fast until he reached home. Udak told his son about the grants and about the fact that he almost died. The son was so touched and felt guilty. Because of him, he almost lost his father. The son apologized. He promised to be a good son. ***


Mango Tree


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