Ambo Upe and a Parrot

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Folktale from South Sulawesi

THERE was a boy, his name was Ambo Upe. He was diligent and obedient to his parents. Everyday Ambo Upe herded the cows in the field. He did it happily.

It was a hot day, Ambo Upe was herding the cows. He was resting under a big tree while still watching his cows. Suddenly, he saw something moving among the grass. He walked carefully. He found a small bird! The bird was dying, there was lots of blood. Ambo Upe carefully lifted the bird and took care of it. He covered tIe wound and stopped the bleeding.

After the bird was healed, it did not fly away. It was always flying, near Ambo Upe. He loved the bird and always fed it. Slowly, the bird was getting bigger. The feathers were beautiful and it could talk. Yes, the,bird was a parrot!

One day, while Ambo Upe was herding the cows, two men were approaching him. They looked so scary.

One of the men asked, "Hey, Kid! What are you doing here?"

"I'm herding my cows," said Ambo Upe nervously.

"Where are your cows?" asked the other man.

"Over there," Ambo Upe was pointing at his cows.

"Hahaha... Today is our lucky day!" said one man.

"Let's tie him now!"

The two men tied Ambo Upe and attached him to a big tree. Ambo Upe was screaming for help.

"HeIp.... Please, help me!" screamed Ambo Upe.

"It's useless! No one can hear you here!" yelled one man.

After that the two men brought the cows. They were thieves!

The parrot saw the incident. The bird flew and carefully followed the thieves. They went to a cave and kept the cows inside the cave. Afier that, the parrot flew back to Ambo upe's house. The bird was screaming and talking nervously.

The parrot said, "Thieves! Ambo Upe... Ambo upe...."

Ambo Upe's father did not understand what the bird was talking about. Somehow he felt something bad just happened. The bird flew and Ambo Upe's father followed the bird.

The father was shocked when he found his beloved son was tied. He immediately released him. Ambo Upe hugged his father. He was crying. He told him about two men who stole their cows.

The parrot suddenly said, "The cave... the cave...." The bird flew and asked them to follow him.

The father understood what the parrot meant. However, he did not want to follow the bird.

He said, "We must get some help. We cannot catch the two thieves alone. We must ask other people to help us."

Ambo Upe and his father went back to their house. The father talked to the villagers about the thieves. They were angry when they heard about the incident. They wanted to catch the thieves. Soon, they all followed the parrot.

Not long after that, they arrived at the cave. The villagers were hiding behind the bushes. Meanwhile, Arnbo Upe's father was standing in front of the cave.

He yelled. "Hey thieves! Bring back my cows!"

The thieves heard the yelling. They came out and stood in front of the cave. They were laughing at Ambo Upe's father.

"Hahaha... You are alone! How dare you come here!" said one thief.

"I'm not alone," said Ambo Upe's father.

Later, all the villagers were running and surrounding the thieves!

The thieves were completely shocked! They did not,know that there were lots of villagers cornering them. The thieves gave up!

The villagers brought the thieves to the head of the villagers, He punished the thieves. They had to herd all the villagers' cows for a month.

Meanwhile, Ambo Upe thanked the Parrot for helping him. Since then, they became closer. The parrot always accompanied Ambo Upe wherever he went. ***

Vernal hanging parrot


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