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DID you read the story about Raden Patah? The story told us that he was in the jungle and finally he could go back and stay in the palace of Majapahit Kingdom.

Now do you want to know the next story about Raden Patah? Read on, friends!

Raden Patah was so happy. The palace was very much different from the jungle. And the king, his father, taught him everything.

The king hoped that Raden Patah could someday replace him as a king.

Slowly Raden Patah became a great man. When he was adult, he already mastered a lot of skills. People respected him. And it was not only because he was the son of a king, or he was skillful in many things, but it was because he was kind, polite, and helpful.

Lots of people loved him. The king ordered Raden Patah to go to Palembang. Raden Patah was asked to stay and lead the people there. The place was under the power of Majapahit Kingdom. It was a great task for Raden Patah. And he did the task responsibly.

Raden Patah stayed in Palembang for several years. Under his power, the place became prosperous. The people were happy. And Raden Patah also recruited many men to be his soldiers. He built strong army.

Raden Patah missed his father so much. One night he had a dream about his father. He thought there was something wrong with him. Therefore he left Palembang in a hurry. He also brought some soldiers to go with him. When he arrived in Java, a soldier of Majapahit Kingdom saw Raden Patah and his soldiers coming to Majapahit Kingdom.

The soldier immediately reported to the king. The king was surprised to hear the report. He did not know why Raden Patah came with lots of soldiers. One of his advisors told him that Raden Patah might revenge, because the king had left and abandoned him in the jungle.

The king believed what the advisor said. He asked everybody to leave the palace. When Raden Patah arrived in the palace he was so disappointed to see that the palace was empty. He did not see anyone there. He heard that the king had left. So Raden Patah ordered his soldiers to follow the king.

The king heard that Raden Patah followed him. So, he moved to another place. He went to a big hill and stayed there with the queen and some soldiers.

The hill was empty and infertile. There was no any tree. And it was very hot. There was no source of water. They were so thirsty.

Raden Patah finally arrived in the hill. He knew they were so thirsty. He wanted to help them. With his power, he brought a big gentong, it's a large earthenware bowl for water. He lifted the gentong and threw it to the top of the hill.

The gentong landed well on the top of the hill. The king and the rest of the people were grateful. They immediately drank the water. And when Raden Patah arrived, he asked his father why he left the palace.

The father explained and Raden Patah understood that there was misunderstanding. He told his father that he never planned to attack Majapahit. Raden Patah and his father went back to the palace. And the gentong was still on the top of the big hill. Since then people named the hill as Gunung Gentong or Gentong Mountain. ***

Gunung Gentong

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