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Folklore from Yogyakarta

PRABU Brawijaya was the King of Majapahit Kingdom. He had a wife and some concubines. One of the concubines was Ratu Mayangsari. She was the most beautiful concubine. In fact she was more beautiful than the Queen. The King really loved Ratu Mayangsari. He always took care of her very well and that made the Queen jealous. She always told the King bad things about the concubine. The King understood that his wife hated Ratu Mayangsari.

"I have to do something! I don't want her to be here anymore!" said the Queen angrily.

Why was she so upset? Well, Ratu Mayangsari was pregnant and that made the Queen hated her more and more.

The King also knew that Ratu Mayangsari was pregnant. He planned to move her to another place.

He thought that the palace was not safe enough for her. The King brought Ratu Mayangsari to a village. He went to an old man's house. He knew the man very well. His name was Ki Juru Sawah.

"Ki, I need your help. Please take care of her. And when she delivers a baby, please take care of the baby. After all, the baby is my child," said the King.

"I will, Your Majesty," said Ki Juru Sawah.

Since then Ratu Mayangsari lived in the village. When the baby was born, she named him Raden Patah.

Raden Patah grew as a kind and polite kid. Ki juru Sawah loved him like his own son. He also taught him everything, especially martial arts. Raden Patah was the son of the King. Therefore, he inherited the supernatural power that his father had.

One day, Ki Juru Sawah wanted to go to the palace.

"May I join you, please?" asked Raden Patah.

Ki Juru Sawah did not have the heart so he let Raden Patah join him.

The journey was so fun. Raden Patah had never left his village before. He was amazed by the view and kept on asking things to Ki Juru Sawah. He answered the questions happily. He was glad to see Raden Patah enjoyed the journey.

When they arrived at the palace, Ki Juru Sawah entered the palace and Raden Patah stayed outside of the palace. At first, Raden Patah could stay well, but slowly he was so curious about the palace. He secretly entered the palace. With his power, he could enter the palace and passed the guards.

Raden Patah entered a secret room. It was a room for sacred things. Raden Patah was amazed. He saw a big gong. He hit the gong and that made thunderous sound.

The sound was so loud! Everybody in the palace could hear it. They all were surprised. Not everybody could hit the gong! Only special people, like the King, could hit the gong.

"Guards! Go to the secret room! Find and bring me the person who hit the gong!" ordered the King.

The guard rushed to the room. They saw a little kid near the gong and brought him to the King.

"Who are you? And where is your father?" asked the King.

"My name is Raden Patah and I don't have a father. I'm here with my grandfather, his name is Ki
Juru Sawah," said Raden Patah.

"Really? Ki Juru Sawah, is he your grandson?" asked the King.

"Your Majesty, actually he is your son. His mother is Ratu Mayangsari."

"Really? My son... please forgive me," said the King.

He hugged Raden Patah. He felt so guilty and apologized to his son. He wanted to make up for his mistake. Therefore, he asked Raden Patah and his mother to stay in the palace. Since then Raden Patah and his mother lived in the palace. When he grew up, Raden Patah became a great man and very famous. ***

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