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Ancient heritages near Surabaya city

Edisi Indonesia: Peninggalan bersejarah di dekat kota Surabaya

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Ancient heritages that can be found near Surabaya city.

  • Historical places in Trowulan. Trowulan is a village in Mojokerto, in the Indonesian province of East Java. It is surrounded by an archaeological site covering approximately 100 square kilometres. It has been suggested it was the site of the eponymous capital city of the Majapahit Empire. Not only the temple, you will also find out the Trowulan Museum, where is the place of ancient heritages from Majapahit. There are so many historical tourism objects in Trowulan, like Brahu Temple, Wringin Lawang TempleTikus TempleTawon Temple, Kolam Segaran or Segaran Pool, Pendopo Agung, etc.
  • Jawi temple is a holy building of Hinduism and Budhism that has built in 1300 AD by Kertanegara, the last king of Singosari Kingdom, which located in Pasuruan Area.
  • Singosari temple is located at a small town in Malang. It is situated about 400 m above sea-level, and is therefore quite cool especially from June to August.
  • Belahan temple is located around the slopes of Mount  Penanggungan Pandaan a distance of about 35 kilometers from Surabaya to Malang direction. Uniquely in this temple there is a kind of relief with the image the god Vishnu who climbed the garuda bird or Garuda Wisnu Kencana.
  • Jabung temple is a 14th century buddhist temple dated from Majapahit era, located in Jabung village, Paiton, Probolinggo, East Java. This temple is made from red brick measuring 16.20 metres.
  • Panataran temple is the largest Hindu temple complex in East Java, located roughly 10 km north of Blitar. Believed to have been under construction from the 12th Century to the 15th Century, the temple played a significant role in the Majapahit Kingdom, especially under King Hayam Wuruk. 

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