The Seven Brothers

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Folklore from Aceh

THERE was a village in Aceh. The people were farmers. They lived happily. Their land was fertile. All types of trees grew very well. However, their happiness soon ended. The area suffered a long drought.

Their fertile land and their trees dried. Everybody was so sad and worried. And that included a family with seven children. The parents were so worried that their children would be starving. They were planning to put their children in a safe place.

"Do you know a good place for our children?" asked the wife.

"I'm thinking to put them in a jungle. I know it's far from here but at least our children can eat fruits. I'm sure they won't be starving," explained the husband.

"But please bring them back home if the drought is over," asked the wife.

"I will, honey. I will," promised the husband.

They did not know that the oldest son overheard their conversation. On the following day, the father asked all of his seven sons to go with him to the jungle. He told them that they would take some firewood.

All the children joined their father. And when they arrived, the father asked them to build a tree house. And when it was finished, they rested. And while all the children were sleeping, the father left.

The youngest son was crying. He was looking for his father. The oldest son tried to console his brother. He then told his brothers about the conversation he heard.

"Our parents did not want us to be hungry. You know our village is suffering the long drought they want us to have enough food. There are so many fruits here, don't worry."

The seven brothers then lived in the jungle. They waited and waited for their father to pick them back. But he never came. They got bored, and they decided to go back home. Sadly, they were lost!

They were walking and stopped at a very big house. It was a giants house!

While they were amazed with the size of the house, the door was opened! They were scared! They were ready to run away and suddenly they heard a voice.

"Don't worry, please come in," it was a female giant.

Her husband was not at home.

The seven brothers entered the house. They were so amazed everything was so big. They sat down on big chairs. In front of them there was a big table. And the female giant served them food on big plates. Those children had difficulty eating using big spoon and forks. But they were happy.

They finally could eat delicious food. They almost fed up eating fruits in the jungle.

After they finished eating, the female giant asked them to leave.

Her husband would go home soon and he liked eating humans. The female giants then gave them lots of gold and jewelries. The seven brothers continued their journey. They were still lost and did not know where to go home. They arrived in a small village.

They decided to stay and bought a house for them to live. And they also bought a piece of land to cultivate. They were really grateful with the fold given by the female giants. Thanks to the gold they could buy all the things they needed.

The seven brothers worked hard. They soon became rich. They missed their parents every day. They saved lots of money for their journey to go back home. And when they thought their money was much enough, they started to go back home. They were adults then.

They started their journey. They spent lots of money for the transportation. And after spending days of travelling, they finally got home! Their parents were very old. And they looked very weak. The parents were extremely happy. They thought they would never see their children again. Then the family reunited. They were rich and they lived happily.***

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