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Joko Panjer and Lara Inten

Joko Panjer dan Lara Inten >> Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from East Java

A Girl and a Sheperd

"JOKO Panjer, take the cows home. It’s late and going to rain soon."

“Yes, father. I’m going home now. The cows are also full.”

The boy, Joko Panjer, was a shepherd. Every day his father always asked him to take the cows to the field to eat some grass. Joko Panjer was a nice and diligent boy. He always obeyed and helped his poor parents. One day, while Joko was busy looking after the cows, a little girl came to him.

“Hello, young girl. What’s your name? And what are you doing here? Where do you live?” Joko gave her some questions.

He was surprised to see a little girl on the field. He felt that the girl was not from his neighborhood. She dressed beautifully.

“My name is Lara Inten. May I be your friend? I don’t have a friend to play,” said the little girl.

“I’m Joko Panjer. Lara Inten, where do you live? Where are you from?”

“If I tell you, you don’t want to play with me. So, may I be your friend?”

Actually, Joko was also lonely in the field. Every day he did not have a friend to talk and play together. All of his friends were in the village. Since then, Lara Inten and Joko were friends. They always had a good time on the field. Sometimes, they played hide and seek and other times they just sang some songs. They were happy! In one afternoon, while Joko and Lara were playing, suddenly some men came to them. Those men were soldiers from the kingdom.

“Princess Lara, here you are. Now we know why you always disappear in the palace. Please come back with us, the king and the queen are waiting for you.”

“You are a princess? Why didn’t you tell me?” asked Joko to Lara.

“Joko, I already told you. If you know who I am, you don’t want to play with me. I want you to be my friend, because I am lonely.”

Lara Inten then returned back to the palace. She talked to her parents about Joko. The king and the queen then decided to ask Joko and his family to stay in the palace.

Now everyday, Joko and Lara could play together. Joko’s parents were very happy. Now the family were not poor anymore. ***

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