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The Legend of Senua Island

ONCE upon a time, there lived a poor fisherman. His name was Baitusen. His wife's name was Mai Lamah. They lived in Natuna, Riau. They were so poor and they were not satisfied with their lives. They decided to go to another island. They planned to go to Benguran Island. The island was rich with the natural resources. They hoped they lives would be better. They wanted to be rich.

When they arrived in Bunuran Island, they were so happy. The people were very nice. They were kind and helped each other, They also helped Baitusen build his house.

Baitusen and Mai Lamah were also happy to live in Bunguran Island. They were so grateful. The people did not treat them differently although they were new comers on the island. One of the people in Bungutan island was Mak Semah. She was a midwife. He helped pregnant women in childbirth. Besides that, she also helped sick people. >> [Read More]

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