Legend of the Clear River Village (Desa Sungai Jernih)

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Folklore From West Sumatra

ONCE upon a time in West Sumatra, a widow took her two children to a party. Her children, a boy and a girl were very happy. They wore beautiful clothes to the party. They found delicious foods, and saw many guests in the party. The children were having a great time.

There was also a traditional music show. The show crowded with people.

The children asked their mother if they could see the music show which was located a few meters away.

"Yes, you two may go there. But please remember, don't go to far," said the mother.

The children ran to the stage where the music show was performed. They enjoyed the music. But they were bored just watching the show so they took a walk around the stage. They forgot their mother's message not to go too far.

Suddenly they saw a pond. The water was very clear and fresh. Because the sun was very hot, they were tempted to play in the water. So they took off their clothes and jumped into the water. They swam together happily. It felt so fresh!

Meanwhile, the party was almost over. The mother remembered her two children. She felt so desperate because she could not find them. The day turned into night. The children were still missing. The mother cried and cried. She went home without her children.

She fell asleep after a long hour of crying. And she had a dream about her children. In her dream, she met an old woman.

The old woman told her, "Your children are in the pond near the party house. If you want to see them, throw a handful of rice into the pond. Your children will appear."

As soon as she woke up, she quickly ran to the pond. She also had a handful of rice in her hand. When she reached the pond, she threw the rice into the pond and she called her children's names.

The dream was true! Two big fish with beautiful colors appeared in the pond. The mother cried when she saw them. Her children turned into big beautiful fish because they disobeyed their mother's message.

The mother cried and cried again. All the people of the village cheered her up. But she was still very sad.

The village where the pond was located is now called Desa Sungai Jernih or Sungai Janiah. It is called so because the water in the pond was very clear. Desa Sungai Jernih is located in the northern part of Nagari Baso, in Kabupaten Agam, West Sumatra.

The name of the village also reminds people today in West Sumatra that it is important to obey our parents.

Today, the people of the village come to that pond because they think it is a sacred place. ***

Sungai Janiah

Fish in the pond at Desa Sungai Jernih


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