Biwar | Edisi Bahasa Indonesia

A Folktale from Papua

PEOPLE in a village in Mimika are busy. They want to find sago. They prepare 12 boats to sail on the river. After three days, their boats are full with sago and now they want to go back to their hometown.

While they are sailing, suddenly a dragon comes! The dragon uses his tail to attack people. The tail makes a very big wave in the river. Most of them are drowned. Only one person survives. The person is a woman. She is hanging to her boat and finally arrives in a land.

She is very sad. She is pregnant and her husband is killed. Her boat is broken so she cannot go back to her hometown. Later she gives birth to a son. She names her son Biwar. She raises Biwar and gives skills, like how to make weapons, set traps to catch animals, and how to make fire.

Biwar becomes a handsome, strong, and healthy man. One day she asks his mother.

"Mother, where is my father? And how do we live alone? Where is everybody?"

Biwar's mother cries.

"Your father is killed by the dragon. I'm the only one survived from the incident. That's why we live alone here, Son."

Biwar is very sad. His father has died. Then he plans to take his mother to go back to their hometown.

Biwar makes a big boat. He also makes a lot of weapons. He wants to protect his mother from the dragon. After the boat is ready, they are sailing in the river. While they are sailing, suddenly there is a big wave. The dragon is coming!

From his boat, Biwar uses his arrow to attack the dragon. After several times, he finally kills the dragon.

When they arrive in the village, people are happy to welcome Biwar. Thanks to him, they are not afraid of sailing in the river anymore. ***

Sago Pandan Leaf
Kue Lapis Sagu (Sago cake)

Sago Trees


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