Dewi Luing Indung Bunga

PEOPLE in Kampung Datar, South Kalimantan, suffered. There has been disaster. Long drought has made them lack of water. Many people were ill. Children were crying because they were very hungry. Their parents could not work because they were too weak. They had not eaten much.

The head of the village was Datu Beritu Taun. He asked all the villagers to have a meeting. He wanted to discuss how to find the solutions of the problem. He knew God was angry with them. They had wasted all the blessing from God. Yes, previously their village was fertile. Water was easy to find. Their life was prosperous.

It all changed when the villagers cut down the trees recklessly in the jungle. After all the big trees were cut down, their village was flooded. It was very terrible. After that, long drought attacked their village.

“My fellow villagers, let’s find solutions for this disaster. We need a lot of water. Do you have any ideas?” asked Datu Beritu Taun, the head of the village, during the meeting.

“I think we have to dig to find well, Sir,” said one villager.

“But we are too weak to work,” said another villager.

“Well, if we don’t do anything, more people are going to die. I think we have to dig deeper to find the source of water,” said another villager.

“I agree. Now I want all the strong men to dig the land. We have to find water!” said Datu Beritu Taun.

Without waiting any longer, all strong men were busy digging. One of them was Antun Kumara Sukma. He was Datu Beritu Taun’s oldest son. Antun had a sister. Her name was Dewi Luing Indung Bunga. Days and nights the villagers were digging. In one night, Datu Beritu Taun had a dream while he was sleeping. In his dream, he heard that the village could be prosperous again if a girl was willing to be sacrificed. The girl had to be kind hearted and obedient to her parents.

When he woke up, Datu Beritu Taun told the men about his dream. He asked them to find a girl who was willing to be sacrificed. The villagers waited and waited… Sadly, no girl wanted to be sacrificed.

Dewi Luing Indung Bunga was a very kind girl. She knew she had to be sacrificed. She then told his father about it.

“Father, mother… I want this disaster to end. I want our people to be happy again. If there is no girl to be sacrificed, let me sacrifice myself,” said Dewi Luing Indung Bunga.

Though they were very sad, but the family let Dewi to sacrifice herself. All the villagers gathered in a big field. Dewi Luing Indung Bunga was standing in the middle. Suddenly, she fell down.

She died. Not long after that rain fell down heavily. All the villagers were thankful to God. They would never forget Dewi’s sacrifice to them. Since then the villagers were very careful to the forests. They did not want to cut down the trees recklessly. ***

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