The Legend of Moopoo Bird

Legenda Burung Moopoo >> Edisi Bahasa Indonesia

Folklore from North Sulawesi

A long time a go in Minahasa lived an old man with his grandson. The grandson’s name was Nondo. The old man loved Nondo very much.

He was a nice and diligent boy. When his grandfather went to the jungle to collect some fire woods, Nondo stayed at home. He always did the household chores.

Nondo always wanted to join his grandfather to the jungle. However, his grandfather did not allow him. Nondo was limped. He could not walk well.

His grandfather always went to jungle in the morning and returned home in the afternoon. In the evening, just before bedtime, the grandfather always told Nondo anything that happened in
the jungle.

Nondo really enjoyed listening about the animals in the jungle. Nondo always dreamed of going to the jungle and seeing the animals.

On one morning, Nondo could not hold his feeling anymore. He begged to his grandfather.
He really wanted to go to the jungle and see the animals.

“Please, Grandpa. Let me join you. Just this time, please,” Nondo begged. 

The old man did not want to disappoint his beloved grandson.

After thinking deeply, he then said, “You can join me this time. But you have to be near me, okay? I will bring the woods, so I cannot see you all the time.”

Nondo was so happy. He promised to his grandfather that he would always be near him. Nondo could not wait to see the animals.

Then, they left the house. And finally they arrived at the jungle. At first, Nondo was able to walk near his grandfather.

However soon, the distance was getting farther. Every time Nondo saw an animal, he always stopped for a moment. He was really amazed. The grandfather always reminded Nondo not to stop walking. Sadly, Nondo was so happy looking at the animals. He ignored his grandfather’s warning.

Soon, Nondo was lost in the jungle. He was separated from his grandfather.

“Grandpa! Grandpa! Where are you? Grandpa, don’t leave me here,” Nondo screamed.

Slowly, darkness covers the forest. Nondo was really scared. The sounds of the animals really frightened him. He kept on calling his grandfather.

Meanwhile, the grandfather just realized that his grandson was lost. He looked for Nondo and called out his name. But still he could not find Nondo.

The grandfather was really sad. He regretted to let Nondo join him. The grandfather decided to go back home. He hoped Nondo would already arrive at home. Unfortunately, Nondo did not come home yet.

In the morning, the grandfather went to the jungle again. He wanted to find Nondo. And when he arrived in the jungle, he saw a bird.

The bird made a strange sound. It said, “Moo poo... Moo po...”

The grandfather was really curious. He never heard a bird make a sound like that. He looked at the bird carefully, and again the bird said, “Moo poo...”

Then he felt very strange. 

He felt that the bird said, “Opoku... Opoku...” 

It means “My grandpa... My grandpa...” 

Being really curious, he approached the bird. He was very surprised because the bird was limped.

The grandfather cried. He remembered his grandson. He was sure that his grandson had changed into a bird. Since then, people named the bird as Moopoo bird. It can be found in
Minahasa, North Sulawesi. ***

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