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The Legend of Telaga Pasir

Legenda Telaga pasir >> Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from East Java

ONCE upon a time, there lived a husband and wife in the jungle of Lawu Mountain, East Java. They were Kyai Pasir and his wife Nyai Pasir. They lived peacefully. Kyai Pasir was a farmer. He worked in a field. Nyai Pasir just stayed at home. Everyday she cleaned up the house and cooked for them.

It was a beautiful morning, Kyai Pasir left the house and went to his field. While he was walking, he stumbled upon something.

He looked at the thing carefully, "What is this? Is this an egg? But what kind of egg is this? It's very big."

Kyai Pasir put the egg back to the ground. He continued walking. At home, Kyai Pasir told his wife about the egg.

"Why didn't you bring the egg home?" asked Nyai Pasir.

"It's really big. I feel really strange about the egg," explained Kyai Pasir.

"If the egg is really big, then we both can eat. Please bring the egg home, Kyai," asked Nyai Pasir.

On the following days, Kyai Pasir went to the field as usual. He planned to bring the egg home as his wife's request.

Kyai Pasir was walking carefully . he did not want to stumble upon the egg for the second time. He looked around. And aha! He found the egg. He carefully brought the egg home.

"Nyai, this is the egg I told you."

"You are right, Kyai. The egg is big. I wonder what animal has this egg."

Nyai Pasit did not wait for long to boil the egg. And when it was done, they both ate the egg.

They both felt very full. And it made them very sleepy. Not long after that they fell asleep. In the morning Kyai and Nyai Pasir woke up as usual. Kyai Pasir took a bath then he went to the field.

On the way to the field, he felt his body so uncomfortable. He felt his body itchy. He stretched his body. Suddenly he felt his throat so hot. He badly needed water. He was screaming in pain.

He was so shocked! he saw his skin changed into scales. Just like scales of reptile. He touched his head. He felt something was growing on his head. He was completely shocked. A horn was growing. And he also had a tail. His body slowly getting bigger. He changed into a dragon!

Meanwhile, at home Nyai Pasir also felt the same. She was so panicked. She was screaming. She was running to the field. She wanted to look for her husband. When she arrived at the field, she saw a dragon was moving his body on the ground.

Slowly Nyai Pasir also changed into a dragon. The two dragons were trying to walk but they were too weak to do that. They just could move their bodies on the ground. They moved their bodies so heavily and it made a very big hole. The hole was getting deeper and deeper. Soon water came out of the hole. The water came out very much. And it made a lake. Since then, people named the lake as Telaga Pasir. ***

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