The Legend of Seven Wells

Folklore from Banten

THERE was a very beautiful girl. Her name was Badariah. She was not only beautiful, but also very kind. She was a daughter of a rich merchant. Her father had been asking her to get married. However, Badariah still wanted to wait for the right man. And finally Badariah's wish came true. A young merchant came to the village and did a business with her father. When the young merchant met her, he fell in love with her. Badariah also loved him.

The young merchant stayed longer in the village. And when he thought it was a good time, he came to Badariah's father to propose her. Badariah s father was extremely happy. And he accepted the proposal.

The wedding was set. The family was very happy. And one day before the wedding party, the young merchant came to Badariah's father. Something happened with the young merchant's family back home. He had to go home soon. The party was delayed.

Badariah was sad. However, she tried to accept it. It was years and she had not heard any news from him. Finally, the young merchant sent her his man. He told Badariah that the young merchant cancelled the wedding!

Badariah was extremely sad! She kept on crying. Her parents tried to console her. And after it took a long time, Badariah was able to forget the young merchant.

Later, there came another young merchant to do business with Badariah's father. He was handsome and was very polite. And when he met Badariah, he fell in love with her.

Badariah also loved him. Shortly, he came to Badariah's father and proposed her. The proposal was well accepted. The wedding was immediately planned.

One night before the wedding, Badariah heard a bad news. Her prospective husband was terribly ill. He was so weak and he could not stand perfectly. The wedding had to be delayed.

The young merchants condition was getting worse every day. He heard there was a great healer far from the village. He decided to leave Badariah and went looking for the healer.

It had been a long time since his prospective husband left and Badariah still had not heard any news from him. Finally a man came to her. He was one of the young merchant’s crew. He told her that the young merchant cancelled the wedding.

Badariah's heart was really broken. She was crying and crying. And in one night she had a dream. A wise old man came to her. He said that she would find her husband after she took a bath in the seven wells. In order to find the wells, she had to meditate on the top of a mountain. The old man also told her to take care of the wells and she was also asked to inform other girls who had a problem having a husband to take a bath in the seven wells.

Badariah told her parents about her dream. She said that the dream might be a clue for her to have a husband. Her parents agreed but she had to be accompanied by her father's employees. The mountain was full of wild animals, her father wanted her to be protected.

When Badariah was meditating, she had a vision about the seven wells. She stopped meditating and followed the vision. It was true! She found the seven wells. She immediately took a bath. And later she went home.

Not long after that a prince from Banten Kingdom came to propose her. The prince had heard about the beautiful Badariah. And when he finally met het he proposed her. This time the wedding was running very well. Badariah was very grateful. And as promised, she took care of the wells.

Now the area is known as Sumur Tujuh or seven wells. It is located in Serang, Banten. The wells are taken care by the descendants of Badariah's employees. Until now, many young girls who have a problem having a husband take a bath in the wells. ***


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