The Legend of Coconut Tree

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Folklore from Papua

ONCE upon a time in the Moor Island in Papua lived a husband and a wife. The husband's name was Mora, and the wife's name was Taribuy. They lived alone. There were no any other people lived on the island.

The land in Moor Island was fertile. Every plant grew well. The couple did not have any problems with food. They could eat every fruits and vegetables on the island. The couple lived happily.

Mora and Taribuy did not have any child. The couple hoped they could have one child so their lives would be happier. They prayed to God to give them a child.

And God answered their prayers. Taribuy was pregnant. The couple was extremely happy. Mora worked harder. He cleared the land and he built a bigger house. He asked his wife just to stay at home and did not work hard. He wanted his wife and the baby to be healthy.

Nine months later, the baby was born. He was a baby boy. Mora named him Reio. Mora and Taribuy were very happy. They took care of Reio with love.

Reio grew up as a good kid. He always helped his parents. Every morning he helped his father go hunting the animals and picking up some fruits and vegetables.

One day, Mora and Reio were hunting. While they were looking for the animals, suddenly Mora felt there was something wrong with his body.

"Are you okay, Father?"

"I'm not sure, Son. I don't feel comfortable."

They went home. Taribuy was really worried. She took care of her husband. She asked her son to pick certain leaves. She wanted to make traditional medicine.

Unfortunately the medicine did not work. Mora's illness was getting worse. Mora was getting weaker. 

Mora felt he would not live longer. He called his wife and his son and gave them a message.

"My wife and my son, I'm getting weaker. I feel I'm going to die soon."

"Please, don't say that, Father. We will do our best to heal you," said Reio. He was crying.

"That's okay, Son. I know you and your mother have done your best. But listen. If I die, please bury me in the front yard. Clear my graveyard every day. And when a tree grows in my graveyard, take care of the tree. It will be useful for you," said Mora.

Not long after that, Mora died. Reio and his mother were very sad. And they did Mora's request. They buried him in the front yard.

What Mora said was true. A tree grew in Mora’s graveyard. Reio and his mother did not know anything about the tree. It was strange. They had never seen the tree before. The fruit was hard. And when they peeled the skin, they found harder fruit inside. They broke it and found sweet water. And they also found the meat of the fruit was delicious. They loved the tree.

They named the tree as Nera. It means the head of Mora. The tree grew well and now the tree is known as coconut tree. ***

Coconut tree


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