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Folklore from Nusa Tenggara Timur

ONCE upon a time there were three brothers. Their names were Saku, Abatan, and Seko. They were orphans. Their father died when Seko, the youngest child, was a baby. Their mother then took care of them.

Sadly, when Seko was a toddler, their mother suffered a terrible illness. The children had tried to find the best healer. Unforhrnately no one could cure her illness. After suffering long enough, their mother passed away.

Seko was too young to understand that his mother had Ieft him forever. Seko and Abatan told him that his mother left the house to accompany their father. They could not explain that their mother would never be with them again.

Time passed by and Seko had become the head of the family. He worked hard for his younger brothers. He also taught his younger brothers to be disciplined hnd ditigent. The three brothers were helpful and got along very well. They never quarreled. Saku andAbatan were adults while Seko was still a Little boy. Seko often asked about their parents to his older brothers.

"I miss Mom very much. When will she come back home?" asked Seko.

Saku again lied. He still waited for the right time to explain that their parents had died. He was always uncomfortable when lying to his youngest brother about their parents.

"Mom went to meet Dad. They will come back home soon," said Saku.

"Really?" replied Seko happily.

"Yes, they will come back home soon," said Saku.

Later, Saku felt so guilty. He really wanted to tell his brother about their parents. He also missed their parents terribly. And this time he could not hold it anymore.

He sang a song that his mother used to sing for him, He sang wholeheartedly, and that made him very sad. He cried. Saku slept with some tears in his cheeks. He had a dream. He was dreaming that their parents came to him.

His father said, "Saku, we know how much you and your brothers miss us. We also miss you all. Tomorrow evening, ask your brothers to go to the top of the hill Don't forget to bring a knife and a cock. You will sacrifice the cock."

Later they were gone. Saku woke up happily. He immediately told his brothers about his dream. They were sure it was not just a dream. They knew they could meet their parentsl

On the following day the three brothers went to the top of the mountain. They through a knife and a cock. When they arrived, they heard a voice.

"My children, I imiss you so much."

"Mother, is that you?" asked Saku,

"Yes, it's me."

Then their parents appeared. The three brothers were so'happy. Seko was the happiest. He really missed them.

The father then said, "Saku, we have some gifts for you. Now, sacrifice the cock." Amazingly, the cock's blood changed into three fat pigs. The three brothers were so happy.

"Take care of the pigs. And remember, we always love you. Someday we will meet again," said the mother.

Then they vanished. The three brothers went home happily. They took care of the pigs just like their parents' message. And they also named the hill as Fafinesu Hill. It means the hill of fat pigs. The hill is located. in the city of Kefamenanu, Nusa Tenggara Timur. ***

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