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Folklore from Maluku

ONCE upon a time, there was a poor man named Yongker. He was helpful and kind. People liked him because anytime people needed help, Yongker was always

To earn his life, Yongker sold firewood. To get the woods, he went to the jungle. After that, he sold to people who needed them.

It was a bright day. Yongker went to the jungle. He looked around to find good woods. However, he still could not find any of them.

It was almost dark, Yongker wanted to stay and flnd a good place to sleep. He thought he would go home in the morning.

Yongker found a comfortable place. It looked like that someone had already cleared and made the place as a good place to rest.

Yongker was so happy. He never saw a good place to rest like that.

It was morning and Yongker was still sleeping. Suddenly an old man woke him up.

"Hey! Wake up! This is my place! What are you doing here? Who are'you?!" yelled the old man.

Yongkerwas so shocked! He was confused. At first, he forgot where he was. Then he remembered that he was sleeping in the jungle.

"Answer me! Who are you and what are you doing here in my place?!" yelled the old man. He was angry because Yongker did not respond him.

"I'm so sorry Sir. Please forgive me. My name is Yongker. I was lost last night," Yongker looked down. He showed how sorry he was.

"What are you doing here in this jungle?" asked the old man.

't collect some firewood then sell them, Sir."

"Don't you have any other jobs?"

"No, Sir... This is my only job," said Yongker.

The old man felt sorry to Yongker. He was touched to see Yongker's spirit to live. He wanted to give him a present.

"Yongker, I know you are a good man. I want to give you a great power. With the power, you 'will not feel any pain. No one can hurt you. Use the power wisely," said the old man.

Then h.e went to some bamboo trees. He picked one bamboo then stabbed Yongker. Surprisingly, Yongker did not feel any pain. Instead, he felt very strong and healthy.

"Thank you, Sir," said Yongker.

However, the old man was gone.

"Sir... Where are you?" Yongker looked around but he could not find the old man.

Amazingly, the bamboo trees were also gone. Yongker went home.

On the way home, he met some robbers. They wanted to rob him.

"I don't have anything," said Yongker.

Unfortunately, the robbers did not believe him. They attacked him. One robber stabbed Yongker. Amazingly Yongker was fine. He did not feel any pain. The robbers were scared, They all ran away.

All villagers were happy when they knew that Yongker had become a very strong man. Yorgker
had already promised them that he would use his power only for good things.

People then named the place where Yongker met the old man as Bulu Pamali. Bulu means 'bamboo' and Pamali means 'gone mysteriously'. ***



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