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Folklore from West Sumatra

THERE was a woman who lived with her two children. Her name was Lindung Bulan. Her two children's names were Rendo Pinang and Rambun Pamenan.

Lindung Bulan was a widow, Her husband just died. Though she was very beautiful and lots of men proposed her, Lindung Bulan did not want to marry again. She still loved her husband. Though he had died, Lindung Bulan could not forget him.

One of the men who fell in love with Lindung Bulan was King Angek Garang. He was a cruel king. He would do anything to make his wish come true.

The king sent his soldiers to bring Lindung Bulan to the palace. The soldiers arrived at Lindung Bulan's house and brought her to the palace without her children. Rendo Pinang and Rambun Pamenan were not allowed to join their mother. The two kids could not do anything. The soldiers were too many and very strong.

When Lindung Bulan arrived, the king was speechless to see how beautiful she was. He could not hold his feeling anymore. He immediately told her that he wanted to marry her.

Lindung Bulan said no! Yes, she refused the king's request. The king was furious! He asked the soldiers to lock Lindung Bulan in a secret room.

Days passed by. The two kids, Rendo Pinang and Rambun Pamenan, really missed their mother. One day, Rambun Pamenan told his brother that he wanted to look for their mother. Rendo Pinang agreed. He would stay in the house just in case their mother would go home.

Rambun Pamenan started his journey. He asked people where King Angek Garang's palace was. People said that the palace was so far away, it was across the jungle. Rambun Pamenan did not give up, he continued walking.

While Rambun Pamenan was walking in the jungle, he heard someone screaming for help.

"HeIp....Please help me!"

Rambun Pamenan was running. He finally saw a man who was asking for help. The man was sitting down helplessly. A big snake was coiling his feet. The man could not walk at all. He tried to a grab a stick near him.

When the man saw Rambun Pamenan, the man said, "Please grab that stick and give it to me."

Rambun Pamenan immediately gave the stick to the man. The man hit the snake with his stick. Amazing! With just one hit, the snake died!

"Thank you very much for your help," said the man.

"You're welcome," responded Rambun Pamenan.

"Where are you going?" asked the man.

"I'm going to go to King Angek Garang's palace. I heard my mother is locked there."

"In that case, you need this stick. You already helped me and this is my way to say 'thank you'. This stick is very powerful. Use it wisely," said the man.

Rambun Pamenan was so happy to receive the stick. He saw how powerful the stick was. He had promised to the man that he would use it wisely.

Rambun Pamenan continued his journey. He finally arrived at the King Angek Garang's palace. Some soldiers tried to stop him, fortunately he could beat all those soldiers with his magic stick.

He finally met the cruel king! The king tried to attack Rambun Pamenan with his sharp sword. Amazingly, the sword was broken after Rambun Pamenan hit it with his stick. Later he hit the cruel king. The king died! Rambun Pamenan immediately released his mother. Lindung Bulan was so happy to meet her son again. Meanwhile people were happy because their cruel king was dead. They asked Rambun Pamenan to become their king. Rambun Pamenan refused, he just wanted to go home and lived happily with his family. ***

Minangkabau, West Sumatra


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