Tempiq Empiq and Her Mother

Tempiq Empiq dan Sang Ibu >> Edisi Bahasa Indonesia

Folklore from West Nusa Tenggara

TEMPIQ Empiq was a little girl. She lived with her parents and her baby brother. The father did not have land to cultivate. Every day he went to the jungle to collect some fire woods. He exchanged the woods with some food and a little money.

The father was temperamental. He got angry easily. He always reprimanded his wife and his children. The mother was very patient. She always listened to her husband. When her husband was angry, she never responded. She just listened to her husband. It was in the afternoon. The father just went home. He was hungry. He took some food and ate it. Meanwhile, Tempiq Empiq was also hungry. When she saw her father was eating, she asked him some food.

"Father, I'm hungry. May I eat the food with you?" asked Tempiq Empiq.

"I'm really hungry. The food is enough only for me. Go to your mother and ask her for the food," answered her father.

Soon Tempiq Empiq came to her mother.

"Mother I'm hungry. May I have some food?"

The mother was busy taking care of her baby son. She could not prepare the food for her daughter.

"Why don't you ask your father? I'm busy taking care of your brother," said the mother.

Tempiq Empiq then went to her father. She told him that her mother was busy taking care of her brother. It made her father became angry. He asked Tempiq Empiq to stop disturbing him. He also reprimanded his wife. He was angry with her. He said bad things to his wife.

The mother was very sad. This time she could not hold it anymore. She left the house. Tempiq Empiq held her brother. They followed their mother.

"Mother. Please wait for us!"

But their mother, ignored them, she kept on walking. Finally, she arrived in a cave. She was standing in the cave. And finally Tempiq Empiq and her brother also arrived in front of the cave.

"Tempiq Empiq. I will stay in this cave. You can not join me. Here, take this egg. This can help you." She then continued.

"I will enter the cave, and it will close down. When you hear my voice, it means rain will fall down."

Later the mother entered the cave. The mouth of the cave closed down. Tempiq Empiq was very sad. With her brother, they went back home. Not long after that, the egg hatched into a cock. The father was happy with the cock. He liked cock fighting. He used the cock to gamble in the cock fighting.

The father completely did not pay attention to her children. Tempiq Empiq and her brother often went to the cave. She always asked the cave to open, but it never did.

Tempiq Empiq then prayed. She wanted to live,freely and happily. Amazingly, she and her brother slowly changed into birds. The birds could sing beautifully. .

In the meantime, the father just lost the cock. It died in a cock fight. Suddenly, he heard two birds singing. The song was about his family, The father was curious.

He followed the birds until they stopped in front of the cave. He heard his wife's voice telling him the whole incident.

The father regretted his bad behavior. He lost all his family. And soon rain fell down heavily. It flooded the area. Until now people believe that when they hear a woman's voice from the cave, rain will fall down. ***

West Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia


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