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Dwijeswara and The Crab

Dwijeswara dan Kepiting >> Edisi Bahasa Indonesia

Mendut Fable from Central Java (The story originally from India)

There was a brahmin named Dwijeswara. He was known to be very wise.  Dwijeswara was praying on the mountain and met a crab named Astapada.

The crab, perhaps had been lost and reached the top of the mountain in a state of exhaustion and thirst. It touched Dwijeswara's heart while seeing a creature in distress and confusion.

Dwijeswara put the crab inside the bundle of clothes and brought by himself.

After that,  Dwijeswara came to a river and released the crab. Dwijeswara tired and rested on a flat stone and fell asleep. He slept with pleasure and feeling comfortable. Dwijeswara was grateful that he had awareness to save a creature in agony.

A snake and a crow were planning on doing evil. The snake asked the crow to notified if someone fell asleep on a rock. He would come to prey on people.

Later, the crow saw Dwijeswara was sleeping there.

A crow saw the snake and said, "There is a man sleeping there. Please eat him. I only want his eyeballs for lunch."

That was their agreement. Meanwhile, Astapada, heard their conversation. Both animals were equally had bad behavior. So the crab came to them.

"O my two friends, believe me, I will try to elongate your necks so you can enjoy more the meal."

They agree with the crab's idea and offered their neck. Suddenly, their necks cut by the crab's claws and both died instantly.

MORAL MESSAGE: Goodness will definitely rewarded with goodness, and vice versa.

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