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The Legend of Senaning Village

Legenda Desa Senaning >> Edisi Bahasa Indonesia

Folklore From Jambi

ONCE upon a time, there was a kingdom in Jambi. The king was Sultan Mambang Matahari. He had two children, one son and one daughter. The son's name was Tuan Muda Selat. He was a handsome and kind prince. However he was careless. He always made some problems because he was never careful.

The king's daughter was Putri Cermin Cina. She was very beautiful. Her complexion was like Chinese girls. That's why she was named Putri cermin Cina.

One day, a merchant came to the kingdom. His name was Tuan Muda Senaning. He was very handsome. He came with his crew to trade.

Tuan muda Senaning visited the kingin his palace. He was nicely welcomed. The king introduced his children to the merchant. Tuan muda Senaning was amazed by Putri Cermin Cina. He never saw a beautiful girl like her. He fell in love with her.

Fortunately, putri Cermin Cina also fell in love with Tuan muda Senaning. For her, the merchant was not only handsome but he was also a very responsible man. Unlike her brother, Tuan muda Senaning was very careful.

Tuan muda Senaning wanted to marry Putri Cermin Cina. He told the king about the proposal.

"As long as the two of you love each other and you promise you will take care of her, yes... I will give you my blessing," said the king.

He continued, "However, you cannot get married now. I am going for sailing. I have some business. You can get married after I come back."

Tuan Muda Senaning agreed. He told his crew that they would stay a bit longer. He still continued trading. And when he came to the palace, he often spent time with Tuan Muda Selat.

It was a beautiful day. Tuan Muda Senaning and Tuan Muda Selat were playing spinning top. It was a great game. They were laughing loudly.

It attracted Putri Cermin Cina's attention. She approached them and watched them play.

It was Tuan Muda Selat's turn to spin. He was very eager to spin. He did it with great effort. Unfortunately, he was not careful. The spinning top was moving wildly. and accidentally it hit Putri cermin Cina's forehead.

It hit so hard. the princess was bleeding. The people were shocked. they all tried to help her. She was brought back to the palace. A palace healer was helping her.

The princess was losing too much blood. And she was getting weaker. Sadly, she could not be saved. She shocked.

Tuan Muda Selat was very shocked. He blamed himself for being so careless. he knew his father would be very angry. He went away. He left the palace and stayed in a village outside the kingdom. People then later named the village as Selat Village.

Meanwhile, Tuan Muda Senaning could not believe what just happened. He lost the girl he really loved. He decided to leave the kingdom. With his crew he was sailling to other place.

Tuan Muda Senaning could not forget Putri Cermin Cina. He always thinks of her. And that made him ill. His bodywas very weak. And finally he died.

The crew buried in him in the village. Later people named the village as Senaning Village. ***

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