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Folklore from Central Java

The original name was Joko Tingkir Mas Karebet which is the first king of the kingdom Pajang with the title of Sultan Hadiwijaya. His father Ki Ageng Pangging often known as Kebo Kenongo executed by the kingdom of Demak, as being a rebel and that is Nyai Ageng Pengging mother died of illness.

After being an orphan, Mas Karebet raised by Nyai  Ageng Tingkir, and nicknamed Joko Tingkir. Joko Tingkir grow into predisposing brave, and very fond imprisoned. Joko Tingkir also been studied to sunan Kalidjaga and Ki Ageng Sela.

Joko Tingkir devoted himself in the kingdom of Demak on the advice of Sunan Kalidjaga. He stayed at home brother of Nyi Ageng Tingkir, nurses Mosque Demak and rank headman Ganjur, namely Kyai Gandasmustaka. Joko Tingkir became head of Demak-ranking soldier wiratama ravine, because he was good to attract the sympathy of Sultan Trenggono.

Later, Joko Tingkir charge of selecting candidates Soldiers who will be included into a group of soldiers Joko Tingkir. One of the recruits was Dadungawuk. Daduk awuk is the arrogant and often flaunt his power. Because of his pride, Joko Tingkir intends to test his power to puncture Konde. But it turns out Dadungawuk killed instantly. Joko Tingkir dismissed by the Sultan of Demak Trenggono and expelled because of the incident.

Joko Tingkir away from Demak and learning from his father's old Sodara, named Ki Ageng Banyubiru or Kanigoro Kebo. He studied along with the three disciples Ki Ageng Banyubiru called Manca Mas, Mas Wila and Wragil back to Demak. On the way to cross the river using a raft Kedung Srengenge, they attacked invisible crocodile, but the crocodile defeated by the students until the crocodile helped push the raft to the other side.

Joko Tingkir trying to find sympathy for the Sultan Trenggono which at that time was traveled in Mount Prawoto. He took off a mad bull named Kebo Danu. The Water Buffalo rampage after being given a mantra by Joko Tingkir, by giving the burial ground at the buffalo's ear. No one was able to stop the water Buffalo.

Joko Tingkir emerged and face the mad buffalo, and defeated easily. The incident, was appointed by the Sultan Trenggono back into ravine wiratama.

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