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Hawadiyah | Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from West Sulawesi

The people of Mandar were farmers. Most of them worked for a rich man. He hired the villagers to work in his coconut plantation. The rich man had a beautiful daughter. Her name was Bekkandari. She had a best friend. Her name was Hawadiyah. Unlike Bekkandari, Hawadiyah was a poor girl. She lived with her mother in a hut. Hawadiyah was also beautiful.

Many people said she was more beautiful than Bekkandari. It was harvest time. The villagers worked very hard in the plantation. Hawadiyah helped her mother collect the coconuts. Bekkandari’s father gave coconuts as the fee for the villagers. The more they collected the coconuts, the more Bekkandari’s father gave them the fee.

After it was finished, Hawadiyah’s mother received five coconuts. She immediately grated and cooked them in order to get the coconut oil. She then brought the coconut oil to Bekkandari’s father. Other villagers also brought the coconut oil to him. Bekkandari’s father would sail to Java to sell his coconut oil. The villagers also wanted to sell their coconut oil, so they brought it to Bekkandari’s father.

Hawadiyah’s mother really wanted to see her daughter to get married. She prayed to God. She hoped the man who bought her coconut oil would marry her daughter.

Later Bekkandari’s father and his men sailed the sea. When they arrived in Java, Bekkandari’s father sold the coconut oil to a rich merchant. He was young and handsome. When he bought the coconut oil from Hawadiyah’s mother, the merchant felt something strange. He saw a picture of a beautiful girl in the coconut oil. The merchant could not forget about her. Later he decided to go to Mandar to find the beautiful girl.

When he arrived, the merchant went around. He met Bekkandari’s father. He brought the merchant to his house. He introduced the merchant to his daughter, Bekkandari. She loved him instantly.

She tried to approach the merchant. However, it was not Bekkandari’s face he saw in the coconut oil. So he ignored her. Finally, the merchant met Hawadiyah. He was so happy finally he found the girl of his dream. The merchant went to Hawadiya’s house to propose her. The proposal was accepted and they were going to get married in the merchant’s house in Java. Bekkandari was jealous.

She planned something bad. She told the merchant that she was also going to Java to accompany Hawadiyah. Before the wedding, Bekkandari threw hot oil to Hawadiyah’s face. Hawadiyah was very sad. She was not beautiful anymore. She ran away and hid in a jungle.

The merchant was confused. Hawadiyah was missing. He asked all his men to find her. In the mean time, Bekkandari kept on telling the merchant that Hawadiyah ran away, and she was ready to be her wife.

Again, the merchant ignored her. In the jungle, Hawadiyah made friend with the animals. They were sorry to see her life. They suggested Hawadiyah to take a bath in magic pond in the jungle. Amazingly after she took a bath, she got her beauty back.

And when the merchant’s men found her, they immediately brought her to the merchant’s house. Hawadiyah told him about everything. The merchant was really angry. He asked his men to get rid of Bekkandari from his house. Later the merchant and Hawadiyah got married. Her mother was happy to see Hawadiyah to get married and have a happy life.***

Coconut Oil

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