The Greedy Fisherman (The Legend of Wire River)

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The origin of Wire River/The Legend of Golden Wire

Folklore from West Kalimantan

A long time ago in Sintang, West Kalimantan, lived a fisherman with his family. The fisherman was poor.

Everyday he went fishing in the river using his fishing rod, because he did not have a net. That was why he always caught a few fish.

In one morning the fisherman rowed his sampan in the river. As always, he brought his fishing rod. He stopped his sampan and put the bait.

He was waiting but no fish caught the bait yet. He changed the bait. He hoped this time a fish would catch the bait. Sadly, he was not lucky yet.

After waiting for a long time, finally he felt that a fish caught his bait.

“Aha!” he said. He slowly pulled the string of his fishing rod. It was hard!

The fisherman could not pulled the string.

"Wow! The fish must be very big!" the fisherman thought.

He was thinking about the size of the fish. He knew that the big fish was very expensive. He hoped he would get a lot of money if he could sell the fish.

After thinking about the money, he suddenly had more power to pull the string of his rod. He pulled the rod with great power, but still, he did not succeed. The fisherman was very tired, he had been pulling with great power. The fisherman decided to get some rest.

It was almost dark, the fisherman thought that he already had enough rest. He hoped that the fish would be weak.

He took a deep breath and counted, one, two, three! He pulled the String, and yes! This time he succeeded! He lifted the fishing rod.

He wanted to see the size of the fish. However, he did not see any fish! Instead, he found some wire on the hook. At first he was very disappointed. But when he looked at the wire carefully, he was so happy. The wire was made of gold. He wanted to sell the wire and had a lot of money. So he pulled the wire, he pulled more and more wire. The wire covered all area in his sampan.

Suddenly, there was a voice.

“Enough, don’t take the wire anymore”.

The fisherman ignored the voice. He wanted to take the gold wire as much as he could. He wanted to be rich.

“Enough! Don’t take the wire anymore, stop now!” Again, the voice asked him to stop.

“No! I don’t want to stop now!” said the fisherman.

He continued pulling the gold wire. The sampan was filled with the gold wire. It could not hold the wire anymore. Slowly, the sampan sunk to the bottom of the river. The fisherman did not realize that because he was busy pulling the wire.

When he found out what happened, it was too late. The sampan was completely sunk and the fisherman panicked! He wanted to save the wire but the sampan sunk very fast. Finally, the fisherman swam to the river side. He regretted his bad behavior.

People heard about the fisherman and his wire. Since then people named the river as Wire River or Sungai Kawat. ***

Gold Wire

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