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Folklore from West Java

A Long time ago in West Java there was Sunda Kingdom. The king was King Maharaja Lingga Buana. He was a good king. He led  the kingdom peacefully, his people really love him.

Diyah Pitaloka Citraresmi was the daughter of King Maharaja Lingga Buana. The princess was very beautiful. In fact, people said that she was the most beautiful girl in Java.

Hayam Wuruk was the king of Majapahit. It was a very big kingdom in Java. King Hayam Wuruk heard about the beauty of Princess Diyah Pitatoka and he wanted to marry her. King Hayam Wuruk proposed Diyah Pitaloka as his wife.

King Maharaja Lingga Buana talked to Diyah Pitaloka about the proposal. He said that the marriage could strengthen the relationships between the two kingdoms. Diyah Pitaloka was a good daughter. She did not want to disappoint her parents. She accepted the marriage proposal.

The party would be held in Hayam Wuruk kingdom. King Maharaja Lingga Buana led the group. And according to the instruction from King Hayam Wuruk, the group would wait at Bubat field. It was in the northern part of Majapahit Kingdom.

When the group arrived at Bubat field, Patih Gadjah Mada came to them. He was the patih or the commander of Majapahit Kingdom. He had an ambition to conquer all parts of Nusantara. Sunda Kingdom had not been occupied yet. Seeing the King of Sunda Kingdom was in his territory, Patih Gadjah Mada planned to attack them.

King Maharaja Lingga Buana told Patih Gadjah Mada that they came to Majapahit to hold a wedding party. They came not to have war. Patih Gadjah Mada ignored it. He said that King Hayam Wuruk would never marry Pitaloka. Instead Patih Gadjah Mada asked Princess Diyah Pitaloka to be King Hayam Wuruk's concubine as the symbol that Sunda kingdom surrendered to Majapahit Kingdom.

King Maharaja Lingga Buana was very angry. He felt he was being insulted. And the battle was unstoppable. Patih Gadjah Mada had more soldiers. In just a minute, his soldiers killed King Maharaja Lingga Buana's soldiers include King Maharaja Lingga Buana and Princess Diyah Pitaloka.

King Hayam Wuruk was very sad. He loved Princess Diyah Pitaloka very much. The battle at Bubat field then later was known as Perang Bubat or Bubat Battle.

Later, Patih Gadjah Mada had a big problem. His reckless decision to attack King Maharaja Lingga Buana and his soldiers put him in a bad situation. King Hayam Wuruk no longer trusted him and soon some areas which were occupied by Majapahit started to rebel.

Gadjah Mada had a wound that he got from the Bubat Battle. People said that Princess Diyah Pitaloka hurt him during the battle. The wound was getting worse and finally Patih Gadjah Mada died.

In the meantime, the people of Sunda Kingdom were sad. They lost their king and their beautiful princess. They named their king as Prabu Wangi. Prabu means king and wangi means good smells. So, Prabu Wangi means the king whose name is beautiful because of his great efforts to defend his kingdom. The next kings of Sunda Kingdom were named Prabu Siliwangi and sili means successor. ***

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