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The Legend of Laut Tawar Lake

Legenda Danau Laut Tawar >> Edisi Indonesia

Folklore from Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam

A long time ago, there was a kingdom in Takengon, Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam. The king and the queen had a beautiful princess. Her name was Princess Pukes. She was single. The king and the queen wanted her to get married soon.

However they did not know that their daughter already had a boyfriend. The princess did not tell his parents because they did not approve their relationships. The princess really loved her boyfriend.

They did not want to
separate. Therefore they secretly got married. Soon the king found out their marriage. The king was really angry. He asked the soldiers to lock her in her room.
The princess could not meet her husband. She was locked for many days.

her husband always waited for her. The princess tried to escape. But she always failed. And finally she succeeded! She jumped through the window and ran towards the palace garden.

Unfortunately, she was caught! The soldiers immediately brought her to the king. The king was so angry.

“You really make me angry! You are truly
ungrateful daughter. If you want to leave this place, leave now! You can meet your husband. But remember on the way you go, don’t look back. Something bad will happen to you if you look back,” cursed the king.

Princess Pukes was sad. She was really confused. She had to choose between her parents and her husband. She loved her husband and she did not want to be apart from him.

Sadly, she walked and left the palace. Some soldiers followed her. The king asked them to guard her.

While she was walking, Princess Pukes heard her mother crying. Princess Pukes wanted to see her mother for the very last time. But she remembered her father’s message, not to look
back or something bad would happen to her.

She could not hold it anymore. She desperately wanted to see her mother. Then she looked back. Surprisingly, thunder attacked the kingdom. It was a very bright day, but suddenly rain fell heavily.

The guards asked the princess to go to a cave. The rain was so heavy. The guards did not want the princess to be wet.

Later the princess went inside the cave. She was standing in the corner of the cave. And after the rain stopped, the guards asked the princess to continue walking. They called out the princess to go out.

“My princess, let’s go now. The rain has stopped. We can continue walking,” asked the guards.

But the princess did not respond. Again, the guards asked her to go out. But still the princess did not respond. The guards were so curious. They went inside the cave. They were surprised. The princess had changed into a stone.

Meanwhile, the heavy rain had created a new lake. The lake was so big and then people named it as Laut Tawar Lake. People also can still find the stone of Princess Pukes. The local people say that when someone visits the stone and feels sad about the story of the princess, the stone will also cry!***

Laut Tawar Lake

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