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The Legend of Pinang Mountain

Folklore from Banten

ONCE upon a time in Banten, there lived a poor fisherman. His name was Dampu Awang. He lived with his mother. Dampu always worked hard. He wanted to be a rich man. However, he only had a small boat. And he also did not have big net just like his friends. That was why he could not catch a lot of fish and did not have much money.

Dampu heard that there was a rich merchant coming to his village. The merchant had a big ship. He always sailed in the sea. He bough and sold things in the places he visited. Dampu wanted to work for him. He did not want to be a merchant.

Dampu Awang had made up his mind. He was tired of being a poor man. He really wanted to be rich. His mother could not do anything. She finally let him go.

Dampu met the merchant. He told him that he wanted to work for him.

"Okay, I will let you join me. But you have to work hard. If you want to be rich merchant like me, you have to pay attention to what I'm doing," said the merchant.

Dampu Awang was extremely happy. He already imagined that he would be a rich man.

Since he join the merchant's ship. Dampu always worked hard. Slowly the merchant trusted him. He asked Dampu to buy and sell the merchant's thing. Dampu did the assignment very well. He started to make a lot of money.

The merchant was happy. He knew that Dampu could be a great merchant. He was old and wanted Dampu to marry his daughter. Dampu agreed. By marrying the merchant daughter, he could become a rich man. He would have a big ship and sail to many places.

Meanwhile, Dampu's mother heard that her son had become a rich man. She also heard that he was already married and had a big ship. Everyday she prayed to God. She hoped that Dampu would come home soon.

God answered her prayer. Dampu and his wife arrived at the village. Many people greeted Dampu. They all praised him.

Dampu's mother tried to meet Dampu.

She mentioned Dampu's name loudly. She finally came closer to Dampu.

"Dampu...Dampu... It's me, your mother."

Sadly he ignored her. Dampu was so ashamed of his mother. She was old and her cloth was worn-out. She was also dirty.

"Guards! Ask that old woman to go away. She is not my mother. my mother was a rich woman and she already died," said Dampu to his guards.

The guards pushed Dampu's mother away. She was so sad. She prayed to God.

"If he is not my son, let him sail safely. But if he is my son, punish him."

God again answered her prayer. When Dampu sailed in the sea, great storm attacked his ship. Rain and thunder attacked the ship. Dampu realize his mistake but it was to late. The ship was slowly sinking and it finally submerged.

The ship slowly changed into a mountain. People named it Pinang Mountain.***

Pinang Mountain
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